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Paper Therapy

on April 30, 2007

I had a very productive day yesterday with some great classes from the UKS mad hatter's cybercrop.  As with all these things some classes were more me than others but I like to try different things and see what suits.

The first class was about stamping paint through a doily but being my disorganised self I had not paint daubers or doilies so I decided to use marbling inks, which I have had for forever, instead.    I liked the end result and will certainly be using this idea again.  I had a few disasters with the page itself though, one of the being the mad urge to add my own writing at the bottom!

I think it takes away from the rest of the page, although I usua lly like my own writing on my work.  I tried to use up stash I hadn't got to before for this including the Chatterbox letters and the Heidi Swapp sticky ribbon.  It is a pic of Katy wearing my spare glasses, which she often does so she can be just like grandma, who is as blind as a bat without her specs, lol.

One of my favourites was this one because I love this photo.  It also used up quite a bit of paper that I had had for ages, mainly Scenic Ro

ute but also some American Craft spotted paper that goes so well.  I also used one of my new Autumn Leaves stamps, but more of them another day.

Gordon suggested an alternative title for this – 'My daddy voted Labour'  which I thought was absolutely hilarious but might have offended a few people. 

Altogether I made 8 LO's which isn't bad going for just over a day.  Today I have had some kind of lseeping sickness and have spent most of it in bed trying to fight off another bug.  Fingers crossed normal service resumes tomorrow as the working days are very long and tiring at the moment, not to mention what I have to cram into the non working days.  I simply don't have time to be ill just now.  Anyway, I am off to have another lemsip before heading back to bed so I am fit and well for work tomorrow.  Take care x x x

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