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Cool Shoes

on April 28, 2007

These are Katy's cool shoes, hand sewn by grandma because she's the only one daft enough!

Thank you to everyone who has left comments and words of support, they are very much appreciated at this difficult time.  I am not an outwardly religious person but I do appreciate being remembered in people's prayers, espceically when times are tough.  My thoughts and prayers are with Steven and all the other service people in difficult circumstances across the world and I hope they all get back to their families safely.

Yesterday was a quick day and yet a long day at the same time, it was weird. The social worker arrived exactly on time but I have no idea who she was as she didn't introduce herself!  She came because SW had been told by the army welfare officer that Michelle had threatened to abandon the children if Steven didn't get home early from Iraq.  What he forgot to add was that he was so concerned it took him 10 days after he visited Michelle to contact SW and tell them this.

I was angry before by yesterday I was almost incandescent with rage at that man, how dare he!  Anyway after considerable input the SW left saying she would contact Sure Start and put them in touch with Michelle as she felt that there was no other support she could provide that wasn't already being provided.  She would also provide reports to the army and her boss saying the same thing.  Michelle was very relieved as well as angry, I was just angry. 

Thankfully I had already contacted Sure Start (thanks Pauline x) and have been in daily email contact with them arranging for Michelle to take both children to a local group once a week so that Katy can mix with other children and Michelle gets out of the house for a short while.  Hopefully she will make some friends locally as well, which will also help.

In between the SW leaving and Michelle's health appointment we played at being crafty.  Michelle is going to her best friends birthday party next month which is fancy dress.  She has decided to go as a hippy and has made/decorated herself a costume with loads of naff accessories including a pair of canvas boots with flowers on like Katy's.  She spent the time decorating a waistcoat with ribbons and charms and I decorated her boots with fabric paints, pens and flowers.  While we were doing this Logan was sleeping and Katy decided she was making a necklace with the beads I had taken, and a good job she did of it too, considering how young she is.  The sunglasses where to be the same as grandma because grandma can't see the do anything crafty without her glasses, lol. We had a really nice ti

me together.

Michelle's doctor has now changed her PND medication but for the next week she is to take nothing to let the current one leave her system before she starts the next one. So the next few weeks will be hard for her but after that we should see an improvement.  For now I am away to see what's happening with the UKS cybercrop and lose myself in some paper therapy.  Take care x x x

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