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on April 25, 2007

First of all I want to thank everyone for their support and advice over the past few days.  The social work department are sending over someone tomorrow about 1pm to see Michelle and I will be with her.

I personally have no concerns over them getting involved but it has added to Michelle's stress considerably.  I cannot see how they can offer anything other than what is in place already in the time frame before Steven is due home.  My concern was over the army officer who obviously realised he was NOT doig what he was supposed to so decided to pass the buck so if anything drastic did happen his a**e would not be the one in the fire.  However if I ever see him again he will wish his a**e and all the rest of him was in the fire or anywhere, as long as it's far away from me.

Michelle's situation is this – she was 24 last month and she lives in a grotty, partly damp flat that rarely gets daylight as it has a large hill behind it and another in front.  She has to negotiate 2 sets of stairs to her front door and has no outside space to call her own.  In this flat she lives with her 2 children – Katy aged 2 who is intelligent, curious, stubborn and wonderful and Logan aged 3 months who is colicky, a bad sleeper, has feeding problems and is generally very demanding but also wonderful in his own way.  In the past few months Katy has had several colds and a week long gastric bug.  She has also been diagnosed with the early stages of asthma.  Logan has had feeding problems since birth.  She lives in an area where she knows no one and which requires a round trip of 4 buses to her 'local' health centre and supermarket.  She has a 2 bus journey to the nearest shop she can get nappies, baby milk or medicines from.  She does not drive.  Her partner is only 22 and is currently on his third tour of duty in Iraq which adds to her stress and worry  no end.  He has been away since September last year apart from a 10 day spell of compassionate leave in January after Logan was born.

She does have support from myself and Steven's family but at the end of the day she is the one who is responsible for the children constantly, whether she has had some sleep or not.  She has quite severe post natal depression and the medication she is currently on has done nothing to alleviate how she feels but has made her more tired and has reduced her, already poor, appetite still further.

Personally I think the SW department should be congratulating her on doing such a great job under the circumstances and for that reason I have no worries about tomorrow's appointment, I just wish she felt the same but, like many mums, she feels her best is never quite good enough and that others are judging her and finding her wanting.  I just want to get to June when Steven is due home, hopefully in one piece and halfway to sane, but home.  Then I will be able to relax a little bit, as will his family and the families of his colleagues.  Take care x x x

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