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on April 23, 2007

I can't believe it's Sunday evening already, I feel as though I have not stopped since I left school but haven't actually done much.  I know that that's not strictly true but the time has fair flown by. Yesterday I was at a crop organised by Angela and it was great.  It was quite busy and it was lovely to see so many people, some new, some more familiar.  I hope everyone manages to come back next month which is looking like being a 12 hour crop!  The last 12 hour crop I was ill and missed it but nothing is going to stop me going next month, I might even get some work finished.

I was not at my most productive yesterday.  I have been working on a mini book from the Design Collective classes but it just wasn't working out.  There was nothing wrong with the design but it didn't suit the pictures I wanted to use so after much faffing and wasting time I abandoned it and made my own.  I want to get it finished this week and get it posted off, otherwise it will be too late. 

What I did do was this fantastic page, taught by the very talented Heather, which I have also use

d as the UKS team challenge for this week.  There was some handcutting on this page but nothing too traumatic, despite the fact I hate handcutting as I am so rubbish at it.  I sat next to Roz at yesterday's crop and she has to be the hand cutting queen.  She cut all the doodley bits out of the paper with the circles on in the time I cut a straight edge, and it was perfect too. 

Still I will content myself with the fact that I have other talents, lol.  One of them seems to be making blog banners and I was asked to make 2 yesterday which is quite flattering.  I have to admit I love messing about with digi bits but am still not a great fan of digi lo's.  They just seem so flat in comparison to paper lo's so making banners gives me the fun without the 'oh, I'm not sure if I like that' bit.  I spent way too much yesterday on Australian scrapping magazines, which I love and Autumn Leaves stamps, which I also love.  I now have no money left this month so have to be very careful.

The main disappointment this weekend is to find that the army officer who came to see Michelle and see what support he could offer has not only been able to offer nothing but has actually made things worse.  He has only gone and contacted the social work department who are visiting Michelle next week!  If I ever come face to face with that man again he will remember me for all the wrong reasons!  He was brought in because Steven's boss in Iraq was concerned about Steven and felt he should be allowed home early to support Michelle.  Considering Steven is only 22 and this is his third time in Iraq it didn't seem like a huge thing to ask.  How wrong could he have been.  Steven has been told he will not be coming home early but that social work will be supporting Michelle.  The social worker who phoned Michelle was very concerned as to whether she would be able to cope over the weekend, let alone long term.  I dread to think what this man has told her about Michelle.

My apologies to those of you who are reading this who are social workers or who have had dealings with them.  I have dealt with them  as a parent, as a carer when they were involved with my mum and as a professional and I have yet to find one who can provide anything I wasn't already providing except bucketloads of worry and concern.  Michelle is getting there and the last thing she needs is to be worried sick that her children will be put on at risk register or taken into care.  OK rant over, but I am a bit annoyed.  She only told me about this today when she was over visiting so I haven't adjusted to it quite yet. I am away to play with some digi bits and calm myself down.  Take care x x x

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