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Light at the end of the tunnel

on April 20, 2007

What a hectic day today has been, but it's also been a good one so it was worth it.  Gordon had the dentist this morning for a broken tooth.  After an extraction that took well over an hour, I drove him home.  We were both feeling sorry for him but he was doing a better job of showing it than me!  Ducks

I left him at home recovering while I went off to Michelle's, which is about ten minutes away from the dentists I had been at a short time before.  We then had to travel to another town as she wanted some bits we couldn't get locally but we had a lovely time.  Logan seems to (finally) be less colicky and more settled, despite having innoculations this morning.  Michelle also seemed more positive than she has for a long time, which is such a relief.  Fingers crossed nothing happens to set her back and she starts to see a difference herself.

While we were there we went to the local Loch to feed the ducks and the swans which made Katy's day.  She couldn't understand why the birds didn't come when she called them though, lol.  They were also quite startled when she clapped every time they ate a bit of bread she had thrown.  I was worried she would either fall in or the swans would get too close, but all was well, at least until it was time to go home.

In the end I was out of the house from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm when I had to make dinner for the invalid and then managed to collapse in a heap.  I have been so tired this week I haven't even  kept up to date with my usual blogs, so that's what I am away to do now, before anything else gets in the way or needs my time and attention.  I have a feeling tomorrow may be a 'me, myself, alone' type of day, just to recover.  Take care x x x

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