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on April 19, 2007

Well dear readers I have given into temptation yet again!  I had sort of promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything for the UKS cyber crop but I have.  I saw a kit go floating past my eyeline and I was intrigued.

Normally I look and manage to convince myself I a) don't need it b) have something else just like it c) I have no room for it d) I really, really can't afford it e) I close the page and try to distract myself with other things.  This time I gave in after a) because it was a chipboard key. 

I have no idea what the class is going to be but I was intrigued and decided that as it was less than £2 for the key I would get it.  I sort of resisted temptation at the same time because it also came as part of a kit full of scrummy goodies but I only bought the key and some fabby suede flowers. 

I also got my Scrapagogo kit yesterday and it is fantastic!  I am dying to use it but I want to get Steven's mini book done first before I start using it.  I am off to a crop at Angela's on Saturday so I may well take it with me then as it is so lush.  I will take a piccie tomorrow as the one on the site doesn't do it justice.

Well one working week gone and a week closer to the summer holidays which is a scary thought as I have so much to do before then!  While I am here can I put out a little plea.  One of the teachers I work with is going to Malawi to teach for 5 weeks over the summer and would like to take some resources with her for the school she is going to.  She can't take much as it is an expensive trip anyway and she is struggling with baggage weight restrictions.  We have found some lightweight card though and cut it up for number fans.  What we don't have is anything to hold it together at the bottom.  Is there anybody out there who could spare a few small book rings as these would be the perfect answer.  If you can leave me a message and add your email addy if possible and I will give you the address to send them to.  Many, many thanks in advance.

I am now off to make a mini book before I start worrying needlessly again about something else I think I have forgotten to do.  As the children in this area often say 'ma heids mince!' Take care x x x 

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