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on April 17, 2007

I am sooooo tired today but I wasn't alone, the rest of the school was exactly the same!  Quite a few of the children only made it in part way through the morning as their parents thought they were off till tomorrow, lol.  I must admit I was tempted to 'forget' I had to go back today too.

Why is it that no matter how tired you are you don't sleep well at times like this? I have slept brilliantly for almost 2 weeks and the past 2 nights I have tossed and turned and had horrendous dreams.  Hopefully tonight will be different.  Last night wasn't helped by the fact that I realised the recipe card swap I had signed up for as part of the UKS cyber crop had to be posted off by Wednesday.  I discovered this about nine pm having spent the day scrapping and faffing when I could have got them done.

What I did instead was this LO, which I love and is

  my take on another of the Design Collective classes.  I used papers and stickers from a kit I bought from Angela quite a while ago, it is Kelly Panacci and I also used my ultra favourite Doodlebug paper frills.  I am finding these classes so inspirational.  It is fantastic value for money and even the ones I don't fancy doing just yet I know I will want to do sometime.  I have not yet seen anything I have thought wasn't for me.  In fact the project I really wanted to work on is a mini book from the DC which is originally done in 6×6.  I made a prototype which is still to be decorated and which I will probably finish for Sean's birthday next month. 

I thought that in a smaller size it would be great to post to Steven in Iraq so I have made it 4×4 and have all the papers and pictures ready, all I need is the time to get it done now.  I email him pictures of Michelle and the children weekly but it isn't the same as having the pictures to look at whenever you want.  I will take pics of it when it's done and let you see it.

Apart from that it's quiet here, I didn't go to craft club as SJ wasn't well and I was worried about not having the bits I needed for the recipe cards. I suppose my semi sleepless night came in handy because it gave me the time I needed to work out the design in my head and then, having been awake earlier than normal, I got the recipe I wanted typed up and that and the pictures I needed printed off before I went to work this morning.  The recipe cards are now all finished and ready for posting in the morning, so all in all a good evenings work.  I am now away to watch some rubbish tv and do some knitting for a short time, while I can still stay awake!  Take care x x x

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