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A day of two halves

on April 15, 2007

Yesterday was definately a day of two halves, the first half – frustrating and the second – creating.  No prizes for guessing which one I preferred. 

Having volunteered to take Gordon's sister with us to the farmer's market we then discovered that his parents wanted to come too.  We would have asked them but as neither of them are well at the moment, especially his dad, we didn't think they would manage.  Anyway as this was now a 'ma, pa and the weans' outing we couldn't all go in Gordon's car, well not without having to sit one person on another's knee and as I am the youngest of the bunch, it wouldn't have been much fun.  I decided that I would go in my car and then detour to Michelle's on the way home, so what had orginally been a relaxing wander now turned into a timetabled nightmare.

Whenever we take Gordon's parents anywhere we tell them when we will pick them up but always go a bit early.  They live ina sheltered housing complex where they can see the car park from their windows, they also have chairs just inside the main building door, for those who are waiting for a lift, but we invariably find them outside at the edge pf the road, champing at the bit to go.  As a result I ended up rushing about to get ready and trying to iron clothes, fix my hair and write a list at the same time.  The end result – almost disaster and nothing as it should be. I had left our iron in the caravan so had bought a new one, opened it, untied the cable, switched it on and wandered off to do my hair.  I came back to a strange smell of burning to discover that the iron actually had a plastic sheet stuck to the front of it to stop the sole plate geting scratched!  It took me the next 30 minutes to carefully remove the melted plastic before I could iron my clothes.  It was not looking like a good day ahead.

I eventually left after Gordon and headed off to the town the market was in.  I parked and waited, and waited and waited.  For 40 minutes I waited!  Fuming about what I could/should/would like to be doing instead of sitting watching people drive round a car park.   To say I was not amused was an understatement.  Anyway the market was good and I got a lovely bracelet for a fiver,

apparently they are all individually made.  I love the bead with the roses in it.

After spending a small fortune on fabby food and soap I left to go to Michelle's to find Katy had just been sick, Logan was crying as always and Michelle was near to tears.  I managed to calm everyone down, help clean the mess and then took them all out for a few hours, just to reduce the pressure.  I left Michelle and the children at her friends and hopefully she had a nice time after that.

I got home and Gordon wasn't yet back so I sorted out some craft stuff.  I managed to get Kirsty's class done from the Design Collective stuff and I absolutely love it.  I used up some Junkitz paper I had had in my stash for ages and a variety of threads that worked with the colours of the papers. 

The best thing was I had wanted to scrap these pictures for ages and could never get them to work!  Thanks girls.  The photo is a wee bit too bright as I took it outside in the garden.  My craft room doesn't get much of this lovely heat till the early evening, which is probably when I use it the most.

Today I am planning on getting a few more pages done and then sorting some stuff for the craft club tomorrow after school.  I can't believe it's the last day of the holidays already, although it has been great fun.  I must remember to iron clothes for work this week!  Take care x x x 

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