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on April 14, 2007

I have finally finished unpacking the craft stuff I took to the caravan with me and all I can say is oh my god, or should that be oh my Visa!  When I look at what I took and what I keft behind I definitely have waaaay too much stuff.   The trouble is I keep seeing other stuff I like too but I am resisting temptation.

My kits are all cancelled but with the way the subscriptions go I still have 2 Scrapagogo kits to get (and pay for) and then that's it, I will only buy when it's something really special.  UKS have a cybercrop coming up and I am determined that I am going to use what I already have.  Apart from anything else I don't like to have pages that are the same as everyone else's, I prefer to take the class and make it my own.  That is what I am planning on doing with the Design Collective classes which are on the agenda for tomorrow after we have taken Gordon's sister to the local farmer's market.

I have signed up for a maze book swap and a recipe card swap within the cyber crop and have finished the maze book and I am quite pleased with it.  I haven't taken pics yet but will try and do that tomorrow too.  It looks like another busy day ahead.  Today it was off to the garden centre for aquatic plants for the frog spawn and subsequent tadpoles, luckily we rarely see the frogs and when we do they are so tiny they are almost cute. 

My crocs came today as well and seeing as Gordon only posted them back on Wednesday it was great service, so well done JellyEgg.  I will probably be buying some more in different styles and colours as they are really comfortable but I will wait a few days just to be sure.

While I was at the caravan I made a banner for Heather's blog using a freebie from Dawn Inskip with some added bits from Angie Briggs.  I am quite pleased with it and am hoping to do myself another banner at some point. 

I also made the first two

LO's posted here using a kit I found in the bottom of a drawer that had been part of a Scraproom set.  The papers are by Fontwerks and are called 'Hello Ladies' and although I wouldn't have bought them individually I really love them.  They are double sided which is also great and I have kept all my scraps to use on something else. 

I also used my new Doodle Genies, which I ended up buying from the States as no one seemed to have them here and I finally finished the page I started ages ago with the two pictures of Katy running wild at Dawn's wedding in February.  I managed a few others but I will keep them and post them another day.  Take care x x x


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