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Happy as a sand boy

on April 13, 2007

Or should that be sand girl?  After yesterday's post I phoned my daughter to see how she was and things have been quite hectic while I was away.  They are all full of the cold and Katy has had a stomache bug, today was the first time she has not been sick for days.  The doctor also thinks she may have asthma and will be monitoring her as a result.  I almost felt guilty for going away as Michelle is really struggling just now.  Her PND medication is causing some awful side effects and she is so stressed and worried about Steven. 

In fact the army is actually concerned about her welfare and his, as a result of worrying about her.  So much so that they sent a welfare officer out to see her today.  All I can say about that is that I am glad her welfare and well being is not totally in the hands of the man who came today or things would be an awful lot worse.  Some people are just not suited to the jobs they do, and he certainly fits that category.

In order to cheer her up a bit we went to a local park with Katy and Logan, just because it was a nice day and we could.  The fresh air did them all good and although Katy is not eating properly as yet she had fun playing in the sand and even touched it with her hands, which is almost unheard of.  She can be so funny at times as she just won't touch certain things and up till today sand was one of them.


Logan is still very demanding and feeding him still takes ages as he is often sick so Michelle fairly has her hands full.

I haven't managed to unpack everything as yet, I thought I only had one small box to do last night when I turned round and saw a rather larger box I had forgotten about so I gave up, lol.

Today has been catching up with the shopping and washing while Gordon took his parents and sister out for the day.  He hasn't told them I have come back early and I doubt I will let on either, it's nice to have a day or two just to get back inot the swing of being at home before I am expected to entertain anyone.


I am hoping to catch up with some of the Design Collective classes this weekend before back to work on Monday.  I didn't get any of the classes done while I was away as I didn't have the right stuff.  I will take pics of the pages I did and post them asap, somehow the days seem to have less hours in them here than they did at the caravan!  Take care x x x

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