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I’m home

on April 12, 2007

Hello to all of you out there in blog land, I am home safe from the wilds of Perthshire and all is well.  At least I hope it is, but as I haven't told my kids I'm home yet that may not be quite the case but I am happy to remain ignorant of any impending disasters for a wee while longer.

Having taken as much stuff as I could cram into my car, and brought it back again, I have barely started unpacking.  I am still trying to work out how the hang it all fitted in here in the first place!  Despite the rather small set back of forgetting to take the boxes containing most of my embellishments, especially brads/eyelets/buttons/ribbon etc I did manage to get some pages done but I will post pics tomorrow. 

I did phone Gordon and talk him very carefully through what I wanted him to bring when he came up at the weekend and he duly prepared it all and – left it behind!  Trying to explain to him what to bring over the phone was hilarious, for instance – " I need the box with ribbon in it." "Is that the one with all the stuff on bits of cardboard?"  "Yes but I want the one with ribbon, not wool."  "Wool, is that the stuff with fluffy bits sticking out of it?" and on it went, I could barely explain for laughing.

Despite his complete ignorance of scrapping – "If it's scrap why do you keep it, I thought scrap went in the bin!" I do love him and after he came home on Tuesday I felt sort of  lost so decided to come home early.  I felt strange, missing him, which to those of you who have been with the same partner for forever, must seem weird. 

My ex husband was a grade A arsehole, in fact if there were degrees in being a fool he would have more letters after his name than ten alphabets.  He spent our entire marriage pretending he was single and after one affair too many, I left.  The only reason I stayed so long was the sheer terror of being a single parent to 3 children!   Don't get me wrong, for many years I was blissfully ignorant of his dalliances, it was only when I found out he was seeing the girl across the the road from us (because he felt sorry for her as her husband had left her alone with 2 children – duh!!!!) that I snapped.  I spent so long afterwards blaming myself for his failings and trying hard to rebuild a life among people who were so quick to judge and find me at fault it's a wonder I never cracked.  However I went on to get my degree and make a good life for myself and my children.  Meeting Gordon was the icing on the cake and it was really nice to miss him and want to come home, instead of wanting to run away and hide.

Anyway, I am now off to unpack boxes of stash and try and put it all back neatly and make it look less like the aftermath of a hurricane, I may be gone a while.  I will leave you with this picture as proof spring has sprung,

if the great weather we are currently having is not proof enough.  We have spawn in our pond and soon we will have millions (or it will surely seem like it) of tadpoles.  Last year one of the children I taught had frog spawn in a puddle at the bottom of her garden and she brought it inot school for the others to see.  At the end of the time I brought it home to the pond and we eventually had tadpoles and frogs.  I had heard that frogs rteturn to spawn in the same place but now I have seen it for myself.  Take care x x x

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