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The same but different

on April 3, 2007

Today it was back to Edinburgh.  It seems strange to go twice in a few days when it was months since I was last there.  Michelle fancied a trip to the museum with Katy and Beth so off we went. 

Beth has been before many times as it is a favourite family haunt, but this was Katy's first visit.

The museum is in Chambers Street and is called the Museum of Scotland, I think, but to us it's Chambers Street museum.  When my children were all younger and money was exceptionally tight a visit to this museum was a regular feature combined with playing in Princes Street Gardens and a picnic lunch as this was a low cost treat.

I have to say Katy loved it, especially the animals and the two girls spent the first hour racing round trying to see everything faster than the other, before we calmly walked round again to look at things more closely.   Katy is still quite young to appreciate much of what she saw but she had fun anyway.  Logan just likes being out and about and it gives Mic

helle a bit of a break.

The main thing that struck me today was how difficult getting around a city like Edinburgh must be for a disabled person.  On Saturday I wandered about quite happy and nowhere was inaccesible.  Today was so  different because we had the buggy. 

Now a small, fold up buggy with one child in it isn't too bad but the double buggy is huge even when it is folded and it's way too heavy to carry anywhere so we had to go the long way round everywhere.  In fact it took us almost half an hour to get out of the train station as we couldn't find a lift that worked and let us out into an area that wasn't cordoned off.  When we went for a meal we had to eat outside as the buggy was too big to fit inside and we tried loads of places.  It was a sunny day but was still a bit too chilly for a comfortable al fresco meal. 

Anyway the day was rounded off with a visit to Princes Street Gardens and even that was a nightmare as most of the footpaths were cordoned off for planting or due to a "dangerous branch" in one case which meant we could access the park but not at a level where there were benches for us to sit on, they were all down the stairs.  I know that Edinburgh, like many other places, is now more accessible and has changed considerably since many of it's famous buildings were first erected but it still has a long way to go.

Enough of my complaining, I am now away to pack my car for tomorrow as I want to get an early start in the morning.  I may be able to update during my break, net access is not guaranteed, but whether I can or not I am sure to enjoy my peace and tranquility and come back refreshed and regenerated and with a fair few lo's too, I hope.

Till then, take care x x x x

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