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A very blonde moment

on March 31, 2007

Normally I would get very annoyed if someone described a silly act as a blonde moment because I object to people, mainly female, being thought of as stupid because they have blonde hair.  However the incident I am going to relate here can only be called  'a blonde moment'!

I recently bought myself a wee desktop studio thing for taking pics of my pages, it was only £10 in Maplin so I thought it was worth a try.  It is really easy to use and is perfect for what I wanted but the lights I have are different so the picture quality with artificial light was not great.  So I decided to buy two lights that were the same.

After much surfing I decided to use a company that traded via Ebay and studiously watched the auctions for a few days comparing prices and getting a feel for what was a good buy.  Eventually I got my lights at a good price and waited their delivery impatiently.

The lights I bought came with a 'cocoon' for taking pictures in, which I didn't need but it was cheaper to buy this as a set than buy just the lights on their own, strangely enough.

I waited and waited for the lights but no show.  I got in touch with the company to find they had sent them to the wrong address!  I had this address listed as my postal address but my previous address still listed as the billing address and this is where they sent them.  Luckily there was no one home and the courier took them back to the depot to await collection.

As soon as I realised what had happened  arranged to collect the lights.  Putting the lights together was a doddle and they are great, however the cocoon was a different matter entirely.  None of the stuff had instructions and there was no picture in the box so I had to  guesstimate how it went together, which was the cause of much hilarity and frustration. 

It came in four pieces which were attached to each other with velcro and zips, some of the bits had stickers on with either A or B on them so I used these as a guide.  Half an hour later I had it made ….. inside out!  It just didn't look right so I printed a pic from the website, took it apart and started again.  Another half an hour passed with much cursing and teeth gritting and eventually I did it, the right way round and everything.  I was fair chuffed with myself, the trouble is ……. I don't think I will actually use it!  It is quite bit but not really suitable for scrapbook pages as it's not really flat at the back so the pages won't stand up.  I will wait and see.  At the moment it is sitting in a corner looking decidedly unloved but way too big to be unobtrusive.  Maybe I will sell it, I don't know yet.

Today I am off to Edinburgh to meet a stranger who is very distantly related to me on my mum's side.  We got in touch through Genes Reunited so it should be an interesting day.  I will let you know how it goes.  Take care x x x x

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