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Life is full of surprises

on March 28, 2007

Life is full of surprises and for a change some of them are nice ones!  I went off to work on Monday thinking about what I still had to do in the 2 weeks before the Easter holidays and carefully planning it out in my head so I wouldn't be rushing at the last minute, as I often am, only to discover it was only one week till the holidays not two!  Once I got over my initial panic I was looking forward to being on holiday sooner as I am so tired just now and with a bit of careful rejuggling I may even be organised for it! 

I am planning on heading up to the caravan for about 10 days, much of it on my own as Gordon will be working, but I am really looking forward to having that time alone.  I was alone for such a long time that I miss it when I'm not, though I don't doubt that after a week the novelty will fade and I will be longing for someone to talk to.  I just hope the weather is half as good as it was last weekend. 

The weather was another of life's pleasant surprises as, although it was chilly, the sun was shining and it just felt so nice.  A definite mood lifter, as was stumbling across these ducks in a stream outside of a neighbouring caravan.  Just past these gorgeous creatures was a wooden duck in the middle of the stream which didn't look quite as good I have to say.  It did however prompt me to set myself a challenge and that is to photograph some of the naff things people have outside their vans.  I saw one garden with an colourful china teapot in it for goodness sake.  So that should keep me busy during my week of solitude.

Another little surprise that came my way yesterday was an email from my baby brother.  Now for most people that wouldn't be too much of a surprise but in the chaos that is my family life it is a huge one because despite my best efforts I have had no word from him since just after my mum died, almost 5 years ago. 

For about a year before she died he lived fairly locally and kept in touch but for 12 years before that I had no contact with him although he was only living about 20 miles away.  I have to add that each period of no contact has been his decision and he is pretty effective at hiding himself away.   I have replied and will see what happens next.  If nothing else it is a relief to know he is alive and well.  So on a psotive note, for a pleasant change, I am away to begin my reorganisation of my Easter plans, wish me luck!  Take care x x x

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