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Look what I digi did!

on March 26, 2007

  I am quite pleased with myself at the moment as I managed to get a few digi pages done while at the caravan as well as having a relaxing break away from it all.  They are 8×8 and quite basic but this is the size I had started for my kids as most of the pics I have are too poor, quality wise for 12×12.  I have thought about swapping to 8.5×11 but I think for the moment I will stick with 8×8 and make their albums a combination of paper and digi lo's.

The things I do miss using digi are my rounded corners and inked edges.  I know how to get an ink type effect on the edges but it just doesn't look as effective and I know there is a way to round corners but I don't know exactly how.  Tomorrow I am definitely going to the craft club despite my workload. I haven't been for weeks but have arranged for a friend to come with me and she is going to pick me up so I have to go rather than put it off.  I will be taking paper pages to work on though.

We are finally getting the caravan how we want it inside.  We still can't get a picture that doesn't have ten shadows on the tv and the curtains are driving me insane BUT we now have a table that I can work at!  When we bought it it had the layout I wanted and the fittings were better than I had expected but the dining area was a disaster.  It had fixed seating and a round table with the height difference between them making it impossible to eat a meal in comfort, let alone scrap.  The chairs needed to be higher and the table wasn't very accessible from anywhere so it had to go.

After much measuring and planning and a trip to Ikea we now have a lovely table which fits the space perfectly and chairs that mean it is comfortable to work at.   We are one chair short of what we should have though as some bright spark in Ikea mixed the colours and we have lovely beech chairs and a black chair!  Luckily we noticed before we opened it so it will be another trip at the end of this week to change it and get a few other bits and bobs we need to make it even better.

Gordon managed to get finished work a bit earlier than usual on the Friday and we left later today to come home so despite the loss of an hour I felt we had a good break.  After last weekend and my workload just now I felt I really needed it.  I wasn't just scrapping and reading all weekend either.  I managed three fairly long walks in the hills around the park and am hoping to keep building my fitness up in this way when I go.  The joy of the caravan is you just walk out the door and are no more than 3 minutes walk away from a lovely river and a forest, as well as loads of hills and a few mountains for the more adventurous.  At  home I would need to drive a fair distance before I could walk on anything other than concrete, which puts me off, although it shouldn't.

On the down side Michelle has just been diagnosed with post natal depression, although I am relieved she noticed it herself this time too so that I didn't have a battle getting her to accept it.  Steven is finding life in Iraq very hard at the moment and I don't think being apart is helping either of them maintain their mental health.  She is worried about him and he is worried about her.  All I can do is support her as best and as often as I can both emotionally and practically and for him, send him regular updates and pics of Katy and Logan.

As for the good news, there has been another addition to our convoluted family – my oldest grandaughter, Beth, is now a big sister.  Her mum had a baby boy in the early hours of Saturday morning so I am hoping to go and see them all on Thursday.  I better get back to my knitting and stop faffing about on the computer, lol.  Take care x x x

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