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4.24 am

on March 22, 2007

This seems to be the latest I can sleep to at the moment and it's driving me nuts!  I managed a long lie this morning – to 4.27am, lol.  The only good thing is that when it's a work day I stay in bed and try and doze but today I got up about 5.15 thinking that I could go back to bed later if I wanted to but I am still wide awake, though I will probably crash about tea time.

Last night I was too tired to scrap but was restless and Gordon wasn't home so I went for a wander on the Design Collective site and stumbled across a thread about digi scrapping.  Now I have never tried this as it looks so complicated and also a bit flat at times.  However having spent hours at the weekend fruitlessly trying to personalise my blog I thought I might be able to make a banner using the techniques.  So I browsed for a while and read a few how to's and finally stumbled across one that used the photo package that I have, which is dead easy to use. So I decided to have a go.

I spent the rest of the evening downloading digi freebies from Kirsty, Shabby Princess and Scrap Artist.  This morning I got up and began to play, first was a blog banner, which I like but will probably change about as I get more confident.  The next thing was my first ever digi LO which I love, and it was so easy!  I even managed to put shadows in to give a 3d effect on some bits.  I still have loads to learn but I think I will take the pics I have on CD and my laptop to the caravan this weekend and do some lo's of my kids and see how they turn out. 

I am now away to take Michelle, Katy and Logan shopping for food, never an easy task.  By the time we get a double buggy, 2 car seats and their occupants and 2 adults in the car is about full, before we buy the food.  Still, it would be even more difficult if I wasn't able to help out.  Take care x x x

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