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Let’s hear it for the girls!

on March 16, 2007

Ok, yesterday was not a great day but it's done and I wanted today's post to be more positive.  Life hasn't changed drastically, in fact it's probably more chaotic than ever at the moment but that will keep for another day.

I just wanted to sing the priases on here of some things that have been happening recently, with people I know and with some I don't.

  First of all – Congratulations go to Roz for the latest in the Lippy Chick range of books – the flap book.  You can see the new design on the web site and there is also a readers gallery so if you make one of these lush little albums you can have it displayed for all to see.  Everyone who has seen/worked on the new Flap book says it's their favourite, it's certainly mine.  Roz kindly sent me 2 books as a DT member and I have plans for the second one racing round my head, I just haven't had the time to do it.  Hopefully I can get started on it tomorrow.

Second heads up goes to Angela whose new website is now up and running here

and fab it is too.  In the time I have been scrapping I have been an all to regular customer of Angela's and I have never been disappointed.  I'm sure if you pop along you won't be either.

Finally I want to highlight a new forum/blog/class enterprise which is the Design Collective. 

These girls are bringing something to the UK that I have previously gone overseas for and that is classes to help me improve my scrapping.  The greatest thing about this is the flexibility, it is a monthly subscription.  I am the world's worst at signing up for things online and then not getting round to them and wasting my time and my money.  With this though I can sign up for those months that I know I will be able to be creative and when my mojo goes off on it's travels I can keep my money in my pocket.  I know it's not an original idea but I like it and I wish them well.

I know that there are other forums out there that offer free classes and for some people a regular sub fee is too much but I am going to give this one a go and see if it's for me.  I can't judge till I've tried it and I have tried some of the other, no cost, forums and found they didn't offer me what I wanted.  Luckily in this world we can each decide for ourselves what suits us best and go with our own choices.

What I would like to say is well done to all of the people involved in these ventures.  It takes a lot of courage to nail your flag to the public wall for all to see and for that reason, if no other, these people should be applauded.  Take care x x x

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