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What a day!

on March 15, 2007

I am not going to go into the boring details but suffice to say today has not been a good one!  I didn't sleep well so I was tired going into work but within half an hour of being there I was ready to put my coat on and walk straight back out again!

Why is it that some people can only cope when they think other people think they are wonderful?  I really don't understand this mentality but it seems to be very common, especially in schools and among people who consider themselves to be talented in some way.

I must be very naive I think as I find this quite bewildering.  I am not a competitive person but I do appreciate it when someone thinks I have done well.  I don't however, base my life, my decisions or my judgements on what other people think and I find it difficult to understand those who do.

Anyway, I have finally got round to sorting out some recent lo's.  Between not getting home till it's too dark to take pics and scanner dramas I am almost despairing.  I need to get another daylight light to go with the one I recently won in the Luxurious Angels tombola, but as the shops don't sell them as cheaply as a tombola ticket I may have to wait a while, lol.    These first 2 pages were from one of Heather's classes and involved the thing I hate most about scrapping – hand cutting!


In real life the blue border on these pages is the same size all the way round and is hand cut from a 12×12 sheet of card to make'windows with curtains'.  I love the finished pages but I hated doing them.  This was one clas I had to finish before I left for home or it would never have been finished, lol.  Luckily Heather is such a nice lady and didn't take my blasphemous mutterings to heart!

Changing the subject totally on one of my recent blog hopping journeys I was quite dumbfounded to read a comment someone wrote slating other people for doing something they had done only a few weeks earlier.  I am constantly amazed by how short some people's memories are.

I know that scrapping is a very competitive hobby and for all the 'successful' scrappers there are many more who are equally as talented but prefer to remain out of the limelight and not on design teams.

I applaud those who are talented and tenacious enough to become well known, as it is a very competitive and subjective  area, but I applaud them even more when they achieve this and don't slate others in the field. as there is simply no need to do so.  I often think of a famous quote at times like these which refers to people seeing themselves as others see them, there would be many shocked and stunned people out there if this was possible, and not as many happy ones I think.

This last page here I absolutely love!  It is BG's Pheobe collection which is gorgeous and is complemented perfectly by the Becky Nunn metallic flowers.  The fact that's it's one of my adored grandchildren also helps, lol.  I spent so much on stash from Angela's shop at the retreat I came home and cancelled all my kits!  I figured that rather than get a collection of paper which, although I usually liked, wasn't always what I would choose, I would cancel them and then buy what I really wanted each month.  OR – and here's a radical idea – I could simply use the stash I already have, so I am now kitless and I deliberatley didn't go to the craft show at SECC last weekend.  I am trying to be restrained – as opposed to needing to be restrained that is!

Anyway, I am now away to eat some overcooked food and then collapse in front of some mindless tv knowing that at least I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  It may be Wednesday to you but it's Friday to me and TGIF!!!!!!  Take care x x x

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