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Whatever the weather

on March 12, 2007

Well we survived our weekend away and arrived home tired but relaxed. The predicted snow never arrived during our stay but it had snowed on the hills fairly recently.   

We had some wild winds and a lot of rain but when it was dry it was almost warm, well for Scotland in March it was almost warm.

We took a jaunt along to Kinloch Rannoch which is a wee village about 10 miles away and braved the storm.  It was wild and there we stood on the shores of the Loch in a howling gale, barely able to see for the rain stinging our faces but laughing so much that I nearly ended up in the water!  It just seemed to be such a ridiculous thing to do but it was actually exhilarating in a wild kind of way, and it certainly blew the cobwebs away and my hat almost went with them.   

When we first arrived I thought it was going to be a repeat of our last disastrous weekend there as we had no water.  All the caravans are drained so the pipes don't burst over the winter but we had arranged for the water to be reconnected and everything to be ready for when we arrived.   Unfortunately there was a breakdown in communications and poor Gordon ended up under the caravan in the twilight and puring rain trying to sort the water. Just as he started the pipe to the caravan from the mains broke and he had to disconnect all the piping to get it to work.  I had phoned for a maintenance man to help but as it was after five on Friday they had all gone home!  The next drama was the toilets – which didn't work!  After about an hour and much cursing Gordon managed to fix one of them.  I have to say the prospect of wandering round the park in the dark trying to find the campers loo hadn't filled me with cheer, lol.  I don't mind the dark but it was really dark, and the paths were covered in toads out for a night's entertainment so it wouldn't have been easy to negotiate a clear run in an emergency.

Despite all the set backs and problems I do love getting away from houses and shops and cars and people and just wandering about and enjoying the peace of it all.  This is about as busy as it gets, especially this early in the season. 

I didn't take any craft stuff with me this weekend as I wanted to spend the time playing with my camera and getting used to the different settngs, building on what I learned from Kirsty at the retreat. 

I took my books and mags and read and played, then read some more and I feel much more confident using it now and can take pictures that are better quality than before.  This is not a picture of a caravan on fire just me playing with a slow shutter speed against the lights in the park at night.  I love the effect that I got.

Hopefully I will be able to take pics of my pages from the retreat soon and get them posted.   I know Angela and Roz  where a bit disappointed by the lack of support from people in Scotland for the retreat and at one point thought about not having any more but I am delighted to say they have had a change of heart and have agreed to organise another one, probably in spring of 2008.  Yippeeeee!!!!!!  I know there are lots of scrappers in Scotland and I know there are lots of similar events in England and in Holland but it's nice to go to something here  and I, for one, would have been very despondent if there was no likelihood of another retreat being organised. 

Anyway, P4's reading lesson has to be planned and prepared for tomorrow so duty calls.  Take care x x x x

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