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Panic and pandemonium

on March 2, 2007

Is what things have been like round here since yesterday!  I thought when I booked the retreat that things would be fine as I wasn't working right up till I had to leave, like last time.  How wrong I was – it's been worse!   The laugh is it's all my own fault, well it would be a laugh if I was in the mood for it.

I should have started getting things organised last weekend but didn't so that meant I was rushing to get the wedding album done, I was preparing lessons for next week which I normally do on my days off, it's my daughter's birthday this weekend so I had a card to make (which I am crap at but it still takes forever!) and presents to buy, make, wrap and then my stuff to sort for the retreat.  To top it all I foolishly agreed to meet a friend for a meal tonight, thinking I would be all organised.   None of this has been helped by the fact that Gordon has been like a bear with 2 sore heads recently, I ran out of both kinds of herma last night and everything I touch today goes a**e up!!!!!   Grrrrrrrrrr!

Calm is the last thing I feel at the moment, stressed and panic struck is closer.  However, now I have finished ranting inanely I will go and get ready for a nice meal and a catch up tonight then after a peaceful nights sleep I will pack my car and drive calmly to Lockerbie, with everything that I need for the weekend all neatly packed in the boot, having spent today with my daughter (who was thrilled with her gifts and card) and then …….. I will probably arrive at the retreat having forgotten half of what I was to take but will have a ball anyway.

Next post – Sunday if I can stay awake – if not Monday where loads of fantastic work will be revealed and I will return to land of the sane ( though that last bit doesn't come with a guarantee!).  Till then, take care x  x  x 

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