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on February 28, 2007

Or who stole my weekend???  I found a thing on Blog thing the other day about whether you are a computer addict or not.   I am, I confess.  I spend way too much time skiddling about on the machine and not doing what I should be doing.

What do I do on it?  Play rubbish games, at which I am rubbish competitor.  Surf blogs, because I am nosy and sometimes read the posts on a few scrap forums, mainly UKS.  Now the thing with UKS is that I always seem to miss stuff.  People I know will ask "what do you think about ….?" and nine times out of ten I have no idea what they are talking about.  Perhaps ignorance is bliss in this case.

I do know that UKS, as with many other forums, has problems with people sniping at each other, all anonymously of course.  In fact I was reading in a paper this morning about a forum about childcare that was in danger of being shut down due to legal action being taken by someone about things that were posted! 

I find it hard to see why people can't simply accept that everyone is different and let them get on with it, why have a go?  This seems even more silly when you realise that many of the people who get involved in this type of behaviour do not even know each other.  At least children only have a go at folk they actually know.

Anyway, to get back to my procrastination, I am trying hard to wean myself off my laptop and only use it when I need to.  This would solve many problems, not least give me way more time to scrap, thus using my mountain of stash quicker therefore I would have less mess to tidy and ultimately more time.  Trouble is I know myself well enough to know that no matter how little time I spend on this machine in the end, I am not likely to actually get more of what I should be doing done, lol!

I am feeling virtuous tonight though as I have about 10 pges of the wedding album done and my lessons up till next Tuesday are planned and prepared and all work sheets I need are made.  This is only because I am spending Thursday with Michelle and the children and then on Friday it's off to the Luxurious Angels retreat and when I get home on Sunday I will probably be shattered. 

See I can do it when I need to!!!!!  Take care x x x


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