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Busy, busy, busy

on February 24, 2007

Yes I have been busy scrapping away but can't let anyone see any of it yet, sadly.  The Lippy Chick book for the bride's mum is done, the new book is started and the bits for the wedding album are all gathered together. 

I can share with you some yummy stash I bought recently,

the red, cream and black is for the new Flap book and is even more lush in real life. I had to buy extra as I was sure I would want to use it on other things, and I do.  Autumn Leaves is one of my favourite companies along with 7 Gypsies, although someof the new SEI stuff is fab too, and I never used to like their stuff terribly much.

I think my tastes as a scrapper are changing but I am realising that my style is a sort of middle of the road, not too cluttered kind of thing.  I love the work of folk like Elsie Flannigan and Jen Hall, but it's not me.  I also like the work of Cathy Zielske but that's not me either.  I feel more content with my work now I am starting to realise what I am comfortable and not comfortable doing but I think, that like many other areas of my life my scrapping is constantly changing and evolving.  The important thig for me is – I enjoy doing it and my pages do what I want them to do, that is recall events and tell the story of the picture so that in years to come folk will know who is in the picture and what they were doing.

I will leave you with this pic of a fab stamp I picked up in a local shop recently.  I just thought it would be perfect for a card for Katy, who loves 'Winifer Pooh Bear' as she calls him.

Take care and enjoy your weekend, x x x

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