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on February 18, 2007

What an emotional rollercoaster the past few days have been.  The high was definitely the wedding.  Everything went to plan and everyone had a great time.  I took loads of pictures which have now been sent away for processing.  I am so glad I took advantage of Photobox's pay in advance deal!  I have k

nown the bride and groom for about 10 years now but, as with many other things in my life, my relationship with them both was complex.  The bride is my oldest grandaughter Beth's mum, and Beth did a wonderful job as a flower girl.  The groom used to live next door to me with his then partner and was my oldest son's best friend.  In 2001 both couples went to Balado for T in the Park along with my daughter and several other friends.  I still don't know what happened that weekend but many relationships changed and within 3 mnths my son and Dawn had separated as had James and his partner.  Mark moved back in with me and James moved out next door.  Eventually James' former partner moved away and over the coming months James and Dawn began a relationship which culminated in their wedding on Friday.  I was honoured to be invited. 

As a paternal grandparent there is always a worry that if/when relationships fail you will not have the same access to your grandchildren. I have been lucky in that this has never been an issue and I know that James would lay his life on the line to protect my grandaughter.  I could not ask for anything more.   

The wedding was very informal and family orientated.  The grooms oldest son piped the bride into the venue and played at various points throughout the event.  My youngest grandaughter and the bride's nephew took it in turns to wear the mother of the bride's hat!  As did several other guests, mostly men!


I am nervous about making their album as I have never done an album for anyone else before, but I know they will appreciate it regardless.  I also plan to make a Lippy Chick flop book each for the bride and groom's mothers as a memento.  All I need know is an extra few days each week to get it done in, lol.

The down side to all this love and happiness was the news that a former pupil of mine had committed suicide in the early hours of the wedding day in a wooded area just a few hundred yards from the venue.  The strange thing is I had been thinking about him only the day before when discussing teaching with the girl I went to for some much needed beauty therapy.

He would be about 21 and was one of those children for whom things could have been so much different if only he had gotten the right kind of help at the right time, but it never seemed to happen that way.  He had learning difficulties and behavioural problems but it was a chicken and egg situation and he was so defensive and prickly it he made it very hard for people to help him but underneath it all he was a nice kid.  I heard about his death while I was at the wedding and I was shocked by how hard it hit me.  I only knew him for a short time but I kept track of him through the local grapevine as he was only a year older than my youngest.  In some ways he influenced me so much.  As a result of knowing him and knowing how badly he had been let down by the system and those responsible for it I was determined that I would always do my very best for those I taught and I would do everything in my power to see that they were not let down in the same way. 

All I would ask is that in memory of L you tell your family you love them, you live each day to the fullest and that you laugh often, even if it's through the tears.  I know I will.  Take care x x x

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