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Normal Service is resumed

on February 16, 2007

I tried to post yesterday but Typepad was having none of it, which is a first, so I shouldn't be too put out.  Yesterday was a hectic day so I didn't really have time to repost so here goes.

I left the house early yesterday morning as Michelle was getting her hair cut for the first time since her dad's last wedding when she was pregnant wih Katy.  When I say his last wedding I mean it was his third, not sure if it will be his last ever though, lol!  This lo is one of my favourite of all the ones I have done and shows us at the first wedding.  I look about 12, though I was a few years past the legally old enough to marry threshold.  The part circle is hinged to lift and show another pic and the journalling of all the reasons we should not have married!


I do love Crate paper  but when I got these yellow papers in a kit I wasn't sure what I would use them for till I came across my wedding pics.  One day I will scrap the rest of them too.

To get back to Michelle, I couldn't believe how long her hair was, she could almost sit on it!  She had wanted it cut for some time but was concerned about the condition of it.  Michelle had dyed her hair about 6 months after having Katy and had such a severe reaction to the hair dye she was in hospital for a week on intravenous anti biotics.  It was an awful time and it took another few months and gallons of conditioner to be able to brush her hair right through from root to tip.  Since then she has simply washed it, brushed it and tied it up so it cheered her up no end to get it cut and she looked so much better too.

After that it was helping get the last minute bits for today's wedding organised, then spend some time with my family just playing with my grandchildren and talking to my children.  I have only managed to do one lo this week but have another half done on my desk waiting now, till tomorrow.

I have my school plans to complete today before going to help Michelle get herself and 2 children ready for the wedding, oh and me too of course.  When my youngest son heard me say I would go to Michelle's wearing jeans so I could help her with the children he said 'Mum you can't wear jeans to a wedding!'  Boys!  They just don't see the world like normal people!

Speaking of plans, I want to share with you with a quote from a fab children's book by Terry Pratchett called 'A Hat Full of Sky' – "right men, now that we've got a plan all we need is to work out what we're gonnae dae!"  spoken by Rab Anybody Nac Mac Feegle a wee blue pictsie with red hair.  A good book to read if you need a lift. 

Just before I go I want to say congratulations to Angela at Angel Crafts on the formation of her new uber-talented design team which includes such brilliant scrappers as Roz and Heather.  Well done to all who were succesful I will be watching the gallery with anticipation and a craving for inspiration.  I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Take care x x x x

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