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The journalling on this Lo

on February 13, 2007

The journalling on this Lo reads –

John and Mary O’Brien known to all as Maisie and Jock.  My beloved grandparents. I doubt whether I ever told them how much they meant to me but not a day has gone past since they died that I have not thought of them or taken a course of action that was influenced by

them in some way. Life for them was not easy and they never led me to believe life would ever be easy but that prepared me for what was to come and helped give me the strength to deal with it.  In my heart always x x x

My mother's parents have remained a lasting influence on my life and taught me how to survive whatever life throws at you. Life wasn't all bad all the time and I always knew that no matter what happened or what I did my grandparents would support and love me.  They met at a dance hall and were together till they died.  His family were catholic and hers were protestant and they faced a lot of bigotry but weathered it out, along with all the other hardships life threw at them.

They fought and argued constantly and each spat would end with my gran saying ' God forgive me for swearing'.  The family joke was that if God forgave her every time she swore he would have had no time for anyone else, BUT she never swore in front of anyone who wasn't family or outside.  She was very conscious of what other people thought.

My grandfather had a glass eye which remained open as he slept and was the most effective babysitter I ever knew because you were never sure if he was watching you or not. I never knew what happened to his eye as everyone who asked was told a different tale but my favourite was ' an auld hoor took it oot wi' the heel o' her shoe' !

My mother was one of five sisters and the song 'Sisters' described them perfectly.  They all supported each other and their children, but honesty was never in short supply.  No matter how successful you were or how badly you behaved someone in the family would tell you exactly what they thought of you and you never dared think you were in any way better or worse than anyone else.

When I posted my first response to the blog prompt I never realised how much it would affect me but is has been very therapeutic.  I have friends who I have known for many years who do not know much about my life before we met, and certainly not any of the hardships.  It is not the kind of thing that comes up in general conversation.

Perhaps I have been niaive posting this but I don't think so.  The comments that have been left have been very supportive, I was worried about getting unpleasant feedback, but luckily that hasn't been the case.  I do hope I haven't opened any old wounds for anybody, that was not my intent.  It is a measure of where I am in my life that I can share this in this way.  Apart from on friend's blogs and UKS this blog isn't listed anywhere so is not available for general viewing and that is not likely to change.  The recording of these events has helped me emotionally so I am making no apologies for it.  Take care x x x

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