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Spoilt for choice

on February 11, 2007

Yesterday's jaunt into Edinburgh was a pleasant surprise.  Gordon had a meeting about business and I was looking for something to wear for a forthcoming wedding.  I usually hate clothes shopping because I find it very difficult to find things that I like, which suit me and are at a price I am prepared to pay.  Not fitting into an average size just makes everything so much harder and I usually ending up really down.

I though the wedding was March 16th, which is next month, but my daughter kindly highlighted to me it was in fact February 16th which is next week!  So there was an added sense of urgency to add to the mix.  I have some formal clothes which I rarely wear, because I am not a formal outfit kind of gal.  The wedding isn't really a formal do either, which is a relief.  

Anyway, I managed to find not one thing to wear but 3!  I was absolutely shocked, more so because 2 of the things I liked where not my usual style at all.  It is very seldom I am spoilt for choice with clothes so instead of coming home feeling miserable I came home delighted.

Today was spent with Michelle getting a dress for Katy to wear next week, again we had a choice, and we also picked up an outfit for Logan, who is just fitting newborn clothes cofortably.  I had forgotten how tiring shopping can be though, lol.  I will leave you with some pics of my delights taken with my new camera while I am away to scrap.  I am loving my scrapping at the moment, long may it last.  Take care x x x x x    

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