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on February 9, 2007

This post was supposed to be here yesterday under my effort to write a blog entry daily, but I blame it on the book!  Yesterday was supposed to be my school work day, where I did all my planning and preparation so I didn't leave it till the last minute but I didn't get much of it done, I'm afraid. 

I read 2 children's books, both for groups of children I support in reading, and this put me in the mood for reading too, so I did.  I started a book on Wednesday night and finished it last night.  I didn't read all day, I learned a bit more about my camera and how to work it, again from a book, and I changed a few bits on a LO I thought I had finished and I read a book.  I even watched some TV and read a book during the adverts!  The book is by Karin Slaughter and is called Blindsighted and is a who dunnit type.  It went from being ok(ish) to being really good then back again.  Having read all the book the verdict is it was quite good, if a bit gruesome in parts, but I would need to read another of her books before I would recommend her or not. 

This Lo is the one I started (and thought I had finished) the other day.  I changed the top part of the title as it just wasn't right the first time.  I seldom do pages with a title made up of different types of lettering although I admire them on other people's work.  I have wanted to scrap these pics of Katy for ages and I had the title in my head the day I took them and I love the way the page has turned out but it took forever while I fiddled and faffed, although I enjoyed the process.  I know I have problems with control, which I inherited from my father, and sometimes that makes creativity hard.  I know Cathy Zielske is well documented as having OCD and although I admire her scrapping style, it's not quite me.  I also admire scrappers like Elsie Flannigan and Jen Hall but their style is not me either, though I wish I could be more like them sometimes.  This year I would like to 'let go' a bit more with my scrapping, try different things and be a bit less controlling, though I know it will be hard, lol.

I am now away for a visit to Edinburgh with Gordon, the first since we took his children last summer!  I hope the snow doesn't arrive till we get home.  For now, take care x x x x

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