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on February 8, 2007

Yesterday while I was surfing – in a bid to put off doing what I should have been doing – I came across one of these things you attach to your blog.  This one was whether you had an addictive personality.  Being curious I completed it and found that although I did tend towards an addictive personality I had things under control.  Well this made me laugh because although it is basically true, it made it sound so easy.

I know fine well I have an addictive personality which is why I don't smoke and rarely drink and have no difficulties with controlling these aspects of my life.  Where I do have difficulties is in accumulating 'things' mostly stash of a creative kind.  I know that the accumulation of stash is, in itself, harmless, but the insidious way your credit card bill creeps up as you do so – isn't!  Now don't get me wrong, I don't tend to spend what I haven't got but it is very tempting at times not to have the latest 'must have' item. 

Yesterday I produced a LO which is way different from my usual style and I will post a pic tomorrow, it was too dark when I got home from work tonight to take one.  I was trying to use up some of the bits I have accumulated since I started scrapping and it was quite liberating in a strange way.  Looking back at my (very) dry spell over the last 3 months of 2006 I am sure it was because I had so much stash I didn't know where to start.  Unfortunately I am not just like this with scrap stash.

I knit, and could start my own shop with the wool/patterns/needles I have accumulated over time.  I also cross stitch and have a huge collection of threads/fabric/patterns/kits that I have bought, despite the fact I haven't sewn creatively on anything except paper for months. 

I am an addict, albeit a carefully controlled one.  So I decided not to add this little gem to my blog as I really don't need to have a regular reminder of my addictions, other than when I look about me or try to close a cupboard I have carelessly opened.  I am an accumulator of things, a hoarder, a magpie and, as such, am a handy person to know in an emergency because I am almost guaranteed to have just what you are looking for somewhere, I just need to remember where I put it!  Take care x x x x   

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