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A challenge

on February 6, 2007

I have decided to set myself a challenge – today it is to try and stay awake till at least 8pm!  Seriously though, I am feeling slightly better, the pain is less and not as constant as it's been – I may even get to work tomorrow though that may be optimistic.

My challenge to myself is really two challenges. The first is to update this blog daily, though as my life is not often interesting, especially on days when I am working I may have to be creative about my subject choice, although the content will all be true and mostly unedited, lol!

The second is to use some of the mountain of stash I have accumulated by scrapping some of the almost as high mountain of photos waiting to be scrapped. In order to help this process I have decided to include the many magazines and books I have gathered since I started scrapping and use these as a creative spark.  I don't think I have ever completed a page from a sketch but this will change over the next few weeks. 

I have been teased and tantalised by some of the new stuff that has been unveiled at CHA and absolutely refuse to buy any more stash, except for the wedding album I have promised to do, until I have made a good dent in what I have.  I get a monthly kit from the States which has 4 page kits in it and is fab but I have a stack of page kits unused.  I have also almost always had a second kit of some kind.  The second kit has changed from Back Porch Memories to Scrapologie to Scrap-a-gogo which I am due to recieve later this month.  This is madness I know but I will see how it goes.  I may have to restrict myself to only one kit each month and it would have to be my Scraproom kit as it is fab always.

So folks, watch this space, I should be posting daily hopefully with something I have created to accompany my ramblings.  On that note I leave you with this LO of Beth showing off her new front tooth.  She was so proud of the fact her teeth were growing back she showed everyone.  She had been teased that she would end up like a friend of her mum's with no teeth that she was terrified it would be true!  It also ticks the box as one page kit used, though there is enough for at least 2 more LO's from the same kit left.  It is a start.  Take care x x x x

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