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I have got it!

on February 5, 2007

The horrible fluey type bug that's going around, that is.  I feel awful and very sorry for myself at the moment too, lol.  I had a version of it last year, about the beginning of December but dutifully crawled into work each day hoping for an early death/release from pain.  The combination of other folk off ill and trying to get organised for my new job meant I just kept going.

Over Christmas and New Year everyone I knew had it in one form or another but with having to look after everyone else and Michelle and Logan to worry about I was never still enough to get it again, thank goodness.

Since I started at my new school there has not been one week when there hasn't been at least one person off ill.  Last Wednesday I developed a cough, of the hacking, painful kind, and everything from my neck up hurt.  I came home and took as many painkillers as I thought was safe in the hope of heading it off.  It seemed to work fine too.  Thursday and Friday I felt ok but still had the cough.  Saturday I felt great and hardly coughed at all. 

Yesterday I felt like shit – and still do.  I went from not sleeping after 4am to sleeping to 7.30 am, which for me is a very long lie (I hear gasps of horror as you read).  I am a morning person and really can't sleep late no matter how hard I try or how tired I am.  After several hours of school work I crawled back into bed about 2pm and slept sound for 3 hours, lay on the couch huddled in a blanket till almost 9pm.  At that time I gave up fighting trying to stay awake and went back to bed to sleep through till 6.30am today.  Just call me Rip Van Winkle, lol. 

I awoke feeling just as crap as yesterday and decided I was not going to make it to work today.  I promptly went back to sleep for another hour then phoned school to let them know.  I sent Gordon in with the stuff I had prepared for todays lessons and am only awake because he is waiting on a delivery of parts to fix someone's door but had to go and do another job in the meantime.  Just as soon as he arrives back I am away back to the land of nod, where the pain is less and I almost feel warm.

I have been so cold since yesterday that I am sitting here praying for the onset of the menopause in the hope of a hot flush to warm me up!  Gordon thinks anything above 10 degrees is a heatwave so is totally bemused at me sitting with so many layers of clothes on I could roll quicker than I could walk, all topped of with a snug blanket for good measure.  I know that some exercise would soon have me heated but with the way everythig hurts just now it would also soon have me in tears too. So I shall just slink off and hide in a warm corner and feel very sorry for myself and pray the painkillers grow in effectiveness and make things a bit more bearable.  Yes I know self pity is not attractive but neither is anything else about this crappy bug so I am sticking with it.  Take care x x x

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