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Say cheese!

on February 3, 2007

This pic was taken on Katy's birthday in December and shows her with a 'cheese' which in Katy speak is a camera.  The only thing she likes better than a camera is a phone, particularly a camera phone.  The strange thing is no one I know says 'cheese' when taking pics so I don't know where she got it from.  Beth, her older cousin also called a camera a cheese when she was younger.  Anyway, Katy likes nothing better to go into my handbag and get the cheese, mainly because when she switches my camera on it has flashing lights and sound.  She does occasionally manage to take a pic of something, usually her feet, lol. 

The other thing she likes to get are 'gammas see' which are my glasses, without which I am blind, so that is where the line is drawn and no means no. No will also mean no with my new 'cheese'.  Yes, I have finally succumbed and bought a DSLR. (Linda does a happy dance round the house!)  I bought the Canon 400D after much deliberation and I just love it soooo much already. 

After photographing almost everything in the house that didn't run away last night, including my youngest who was less than impressed, Gordon and I went for a long walk today so I could play with my new cheese.

I love it so much, especially the speed at which it is ready to take the next shot.  That part alone would make it worthwhile in taking photos of my grandchildren.  I will still use my compact and carry it with me in my handbag but it will now be my back up camera rather than my main one.  The strange thing is in some ways, the new camera is easier to use.  So far I have mainly used it in auto mode but am planning on getting to grips with all aspects of it sooner rather than later. 

The local college have a camera course through the day and the only evening one was last August so that's no good.  There are a few local camera clubs but I will wait till I am more familiar with all the bits before I sign up for that, I think.

So, one decision made and the right one too, which is always a relief.  As for the hairdressers – I came away with almost the same as I always do, just slightly shorter and a bit more layered. The only difference is that the hairdresser straightens my hair.  Now I am not good with hair, I never have been, much to my daughter's dismay.  I do own a hairdryer, in fact I own 2 as I so seldom used the one I had I forgot I had it and bought another one!  I also have owned 2 pairs of straighteners in the past but gave up on them because – 1) I don't like my hair straight because I think it makes me look severe.  2) Straight hair shows of the bald patch I have had for the past 24 years.  3) I cannot make my hair stright with straighteners.  4) I end up with singe marks and burns in strange places thus detracting from the glory of my straight hair! 

The hardest decision I made yesterday was to do several hours of school work before I went camera shopping.  Gordon thought I was being masochistic but I was simply being realistic. 

The work had to be done, and it ain't finished yet, but I knew if I went camera shopping first I would be sitting on Sunday forcing myself to plan and prepare as I would have left it till the last minute.  It will take me many months before I feel that I am really on top of my new job, partly because there are so few resources I can use, which means many hours making things up, but I know it will get easier in time.

For now I will leave you with 2 pics taken of Logan,

one last week and one this, so you can see the difference in him.  He is now thriving and is becoming more of a person as he is awake and aware much more now.  Hopefully I will be able to get a few more focused shots with my new cheese, lol. 

I am away to scrap some of the mountain of pictures I have before I become overwhelmed with more!  Take care x x x

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