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Decisions, decisions

on February 1, 2007

This past week my head has been on a spindle trying to make decisions!  Some of them have been easy such as 'what do I wear today?' others more difficult such as 'it's 4.30am and I am wide awake.  Do I get up, knowing I have to leave for work in a few hours or do I try and sleep, knowing it's impossible?'

I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment but sleep is not coming easily.  Ok it is now after 5am but I have been up for over an hour and know that as the magic time of 6.30 am arrives I will be falling into the deepest slumber possible, because that is when the alarm goes off for work.

This started last week when I was worrying about work.  Having asked repeatedly for a timetable so I knew what I was doing each day before arriving in school, it was finally sorted just before I left last Wednesday.  I had a previously arranged meeting with an IT specialist to go to so had no chance to see teachers about what the children could/couldn't do or what level they were at.  This meant I spent many hours between Wednesday and Monday worrying about it, when I should have been sleeping and the pattern seems to have set.  As it was my many hours of worrying where in vain as I ended up covering P6 as the teacher was off!

Since then though, I have done my own job mostly, with a few other bits chucked in but being in school from before 8am until after 6 pm and then having to work in the evenings has taken it's toll and I am tired and under the weather today.  I know it will get easier in time but I have a huge workload ahead of me first.  Despite all this I love my job and know I did the right thing.

The other decisions I have been pondering on are different – I have the hairdressers later today and the past few times have been tempted to go for something different.  However when she asks me what I want I always back out and say just a trim please, lol.  So today's decision is do I just get a trim or go mad and be different?  The jury's still out on this one but I will let you know in my next post.

I am still keen on the idea of a new camera and have been doing some research.  I would like a digital SLR and have just about enough money to get one, before I have to stop spending on everything!  I have narrowed it down to two brands and three cameras but I can't quite bring myself to choose just yet.  I will keep reading and looking but would like to have one before the next Luxurious Angels retreat so I can take Kirsty's camera class. That's not the only reason I want one of course, but it would be nice to learn from someone as talented as Kirsty if I get the chance.

Unfortunately none of my decisions this week have been about crafting as I have done nothing for days!  I completed the last book of a cj I am in at the weekend and got it posted away, just waiting for mine to come back now.  I haven't even been to the Monday craft group for the past 2 weeks, which I miss.  This weekend is definitely crafting time, once I get all my school work done, go to see my children and grandchildren, do the shopping/housework that can't wait till next week and any other jobs I have put off for too long!  Now that's the kind of decision making I really dislike, lol!  Take care x x x x x

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