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Loving it!

on January 27, 2007

I am just loving this only working 3 days a week – I wish I had done it years ago!  Ok, money is tighter than it was and we live in a house that's not ours and needs a lot of work done to it, we have a cork tiled wall for goodness sake!!!!! (Ideas on how to remove it without needing to replaster the whole wall would be great, lol!)  BUT  I get to spend at least one full day a week doing what I want to do, I get to spend at least one full day a week with my children and grandchildren, I am less tired, less stressed and can still find the energy to be civil to people by Friday – what more could I ask for???? 

I know this is only the 3rd week of this and things will settle into some kind of a routine but I can't see it becoming a hardship anytime soon.  On the money front, we will manage, we are not fancy holidays abroad, must have the latest whatever kind of people.  We have the caravan which will be available to us again from the start of March, we have our health and we like each other, that is waaaay more than I have had at previous points in my life so I am happy.

I am very family orientated, which is kind of strange when I come from such a dysfunctional one, the details of which I won't bore you with.  Suffice to say that many of these heartbreaking stories published over the past few years about what rotten lives some folk have had seem like a walk in the park compared to mine.


This week I spent Thursday at a crop at Heather's house which was fanatstic.  Thank you for being a fab hostess, it was great to see you again and Elin and meet the very talented Janice.  Thanks also from Michelle x  I then dropped into Angela's house on the way home (thank god for sat navs!) and while I was there Roz phoned so I had a blether with her too.  I know they are working on the next Luxurious Angel's retreat but sadly they were not giving any secrets away.  Roll on March!

Yesterday was a family day and we were all together, me, my children and my grandchildren and I had a ball!  I was so exhasuted when I got home last night it was take away food, crap tv and bed, I never even switched my computer on, which for those who know me well will come as quite a shock and a true indicator of how tired I was.  I did manage a LO in the morning though, not a brilliant one, but I like it.  It was my third this week and that's without going to the craft club on Monday because I had school work to do.

Today is soup making, visiting Gordon's parents and then school work and ironing, all the boring jobs.  Tomorrow is unknown – and it's a fantstic feeling.  Weather permitting it will be a long walk somewhere and then probably some scrapping but I will wait and see.  What a delicious thought, take care x x x x

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