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N is for new

on January 21, 2007

As in a new baby, a new day and a new start.  Yesterday was a wasted day – and I so hate wasted days, life is way to short to waste it.  I started off on my journey to Stonehouse to Angela's crop but the weather on the M8 was so bad I had to come home.  The wind and rain had battered the house all night and I was a bit anxious before I left but the sky cleared and it looked like the

sun was coming out.  I loaded the car and then the rain came – but not down, it was almost horizontal!  It didn't last long so I wasn't too concerned, the wind was more of a problem.  The M8 was horrendous, I was struggling to keep the car in a lane and the spray made visibility very poor.  Just before I got to Harthill the snow began and I gave in pulled off at the next exit and came home.

By the time I got home I was so stressed and hacked off that I got absolutely nothing done.  I spent the rest of day huddled against a heater trying to get warm and skiddling about on my computer.  I couldn't even face my knitting!

Today however has been more successful, a new start and a better frame of mind.  I got the lo above done, which I love.  Very Jen Hall inspired but sadly, without the talent to support it!  When I first got these papers (K & Co Addison) in my monthly kit I really didn't like them but now I absolutely love them and have a second lo in mind using the same papers.

I have also been shopping and have made a pot of soup, so a much more successful day all round and it ain't over yet!  I have a small confession to make here – I have never made soup before as an adult.  As a child I always helped my mum make soup but endless hours spent grating carrots and potatoes and my knuckles, as often as not, put me right off.  My oldest son makes great soup and follows his gran's recipe so there really wasn't a great deal of need for me to make soup.

In my last school there were a few friends who regularly made soup and swapped recipes and success stories, sadly I don't remember any of either!  So here is my plea – if you have a good recipe for soup can you please send it to me.  My email addy is and all recipes will be tried and tested.  I really need soups that will keep a few days and reheat successfully as Gordon isn't fond of soup or vegetables so it will be mainly me eating it all.  It sure beats sandwiches every day for lunch!

For now I am away to do another lo of Logan and tonight, after the ironing, I will be back to my knitting.  Although he is now feeding better he still isn't gaining weight and Michelle is just waiting to hear when she has to take him to see a paediatrician to try and sort out the problem.  At just over three weeks old he still weighs less than he did at birth, which is a worry.  The good news is dad is home safe for 2 weeks leave so is able to spend time with Logan and Katy and help Michelle too.  I will keep you updated on his progress.  Take care x x x

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