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I’m ill!

on January 20, 2007

I must be because today instaed of scrapping I opted to do housework!!!!!  I really don't know what came over me but I am hoping it never happens again – it was very traumatic.  I very seldom do housework, I try and clean as I go and Gordon does a lot of it because he works from home.  I have to say though that he does a pretty good job for a man but it's just not quite the way I would do it (there's that control thing again – I think I'm starting to see a pattern appearing here!) 

Normally I am way too tired to even attempt to do it my way but having the extra 2 non-working days a week I am neither as tired or stressed as I usually am so I decided to clean and tidy.  Now I am tired but feeling quite smug with what I have achieved.  I hope the smugness lasts because the state of cleanliness won't nor will the urge to do it again, lol.

Thankfully I have managed not to succumb to the flu bug thing that's going around.  I just hope it stays that way, at least until next winter!

Yesterday was Michelle's day. The snow in Livingston was pretty heavy yesterday morning so we decided the best thing was to make sure she had enough shopping so she didn't need to go out if it continued.  What an adventure!  We took it in turns to push the buggy and the trolley, one behind the other like the elephants in the Jungle book.  This wasn't a choice but it was the only way we didn't block the aisle for everyone else.  We got the buggy in the car first time and then piled the shopping in on top.  It must be really hard for people with twins because without an extra pair of hand you couldn't use a trolley and there are not many people who offer to help or move slightly to let you pass more easily.  In fact most people look at you like you shouldn't even be there!  Luckily Katy is at the front and that child could charm the birds out of the trees so it makes a wee bit easier.  She doesn't like the raincover though as it mists up when you go into shops and she can't see!

That reminded me of an incident when my oldest was about her age and I had a Mclaren buggy, which was the only kind available then and a very new innovation.  It was miserable weather but Mark was quite happy because he could see out of the raincover.  We were walking along quite the thing when this old lady started shouting at me.  I was baffled because I couldn't think what I had done but it turned out that her dog had been 'frightened' by the buggy and she was shouting about how these things should be banned and I had no right to be there and frighten her poor wee dog.  It was a westie or a yorkie and obviously very pampered.  Fortunately for her I didn't tell her what I thought of her and her dog I just walked away, very calmly under the circumstances.  Sadly though a lot of people still have the same attitude towards children all these years later. 

Now there are a few people out there who know I am not a great animal lover, well after relating that experience who could blame me, lol.  I have in the past owned a cat, a dog and many fish and I did love them at the time.  The cat I inherited from my brother via my mum and we had her till she died of old age.  She was called Cleo and was a very independent cat who, apart from being fed, rarely deigned to be near us.  The dog was called Jude and she was a rescue dog who had been very badly treated.

We got Jude for my youngest, Sean after a

very traumatic incident at school camp in S1.  Sean couldn't go to school,go out or see friends for many months after the camp and I was at my wits end.  He had always wanted a dog but I had said no.  After consultation with various head doctors we were seeing and friends who had dogs I relented and Jude became ours. 

Jude was an antisocial dog who hated all other dogs but especially those who were much bigger than her, she also hated men, people with glasses, people with very pale hair and children!  She didn't have a lot of favourites outside of the family, who she would defend to the death if need be.  Sadly Jude died after about 3 years due to an immune system breakdown probably caused by the trauma of her first year of life.She was well loved and sorely missed by us all, but especially Sean.  She worked her magic on him though and after about 2 months he was almost back to normal.

I imagine that had she seen a buggy with the raincover on she would have reacted in true Jude fashion and tried to bark it to death but she was frightened of nothing.  I however, would certainly not have ranted and raved at the poor soul pushing a buggy in the rain becuase the dog didn't like it, but I suppose it takes all sorts.

For now I am away to sort stuff out for my crop tomorrow, and I will try to remember to check I have the right photographs before I leave the house.  Take care x x x 

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