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It’s catching!

on January 18, 2007

Last Monday at the craft group it was mainly card makers.  There was myself and one other girl scrapping and she had just started.  This week there were 3 others apart from me and I think a few others still were planning on making a start soon.  Luckily my albums were well recieved but I then got scrappers block because the girl that was sitting beside me was watching my every move and kept asking me what I was going to do next!  The result was 2 photos matted and nothing else!  The situation was not helped by the fact that I had taken 2 page kits and for the one I really wanted to work on I had forgotten to take the photos.   So as 'Learn' is my word for this year I must always learn to check I have the photos I need before leaving the house.

Apart from that the past few days have been hectic.  There are several members of staff off ill wih the flu type bug that's going round so I have been in P1, P2, P3, P4 and P7 over the past 3 days as well as attend 2 meetings and write up 4 reports. 

I left school early today as I was starting to feel fluey again and managed to be home and snuggled in my jammies for 5pm!  I am normally only just thinking about leaving work then which, from having been in school since 7.45am, makes for a long day.  Somehow though I still feel guilty for not doing yet more school work once I get home, daft, I know.   I have posted pics of the cupboard as promised.  They are taken at opposite ends of the room and give a wee idea of how small and cosy my work space is, lol.

I am spending most of my evenings knitting hats, mitts and bootees for Logan as he is still in premature sized clothes, normal baby sizes are too big.  He is doing ok but there are still concerns over his reluctance to feed, and therefore thrive as he should, so he does feel the cold more than he ought.  Once I manage to get enough bits knitted for him I will have to start knitting cardis for my grandaughters, which will seem huge in comparison.

Anyway, I am now taking my cold, old bones off to bed with a lemsip and strepsils and anything else I can think off to ward off the bugs.  Hopefully full health will be regained very shortly, take care x x x x

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