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Word up

on January 15, 2007

I sometimes think I live in a wee bubble and haven't got a clue what's going on around me.  I know I am not the world's most observant person but sometimes things happen and take me completely by surprise.  Often these surprises are gossip related and much as I love gossip I often seem to find out what's what way after it happens.  I am the same with trends – they are everywhere around me before I realise they even exist!

It is no surprise then to know I am one of the last people in the world to register for the Ali Edwards ezine!  I now have a copy of the most recent one sitting in my in-box – unread!  I sort of caught on after seeing loads of people writing about their word for 2007 on their blogs and finally found a link.  I have since given much thought to my word for 2007 and it has been hard.  I could come up with loads of 2/3 word phrases but one word was proving more difficult.  Finally today in a flash of  inspiration it came to me.  Now by flash of inspiration I don't mean thunder claps and lightning bolts – it was way more subtle than that, sadly.  I was actually standing doing my ironing – last minute as usual – when I realised.  My word for 2007 has to be LEARN.

I suppose for someone who teaches others for a living it seems like a strange choice but it's actually the best one.  I am sure my new job will involve lots of learning, in fact it already has.  In meetings people talk about MASPS, CSPS, IEPS, MISTS and other strange terms.  Luckily I know what these are but I am sure there will be others I don't know.  I also need to learn how to use the things I have properly and that requires me learning to read the instructions fully before I start.  I have a camera, a craft robo and a PDA I don't know how to use properly, so they will be the start.  I would really like a digital slr but as I have had my current point and shoot for a year now it's probably not a good idea.

I have had my craft robo for a few months and have barely switched it on without a problem of some kind happening.  Huge thanks to Angela, for being a fantastic host yesterday, to Elin for being a great teacher and to Jenni for also teaching me loads and – to you all – for not laughing at how much I didn't know!  I spent hours today playing with my robo and enjoying it, although once I read the tutorials that came with Inkscape it was easier!  As for the PDA – I use to find where I am going and not much else, much to Gordon's disgust.  I used to be able to say I never had the time but now I don't have that excuse.

I heard on the radio that today was the day that most new year resolutions fail.  I never make resolutions as I have a memory like a sieve and never remember them.  As for will power – mine was last seen heading for the hills about 20 years ago and hasn't been heard of since.  So I have decided to use my word for 2007 as my resolution of sorts.  Hopefully I will have learned loads of new things by this time next year but that depends on whether I have my glasses and the instruction book in the same place at the same time, lol.

The other trend that passed me by was having a journal for the year, sort of like a scrapbook diary.  Now I love scrapping the mundane things in life, by life around here is often not mundane, just crazy!  Crazy is harder to scrap so although I like the idea I may never get round to it.  Perhaps my first lesson should be about not putting things off – but I will worry about that later.

Anyway – I am working tomorrow – compiling timetables and masps and csps and trying to work out what the hell I'm doing while also looking like I do know what I'm doing – not an easy trick.  Tomorrow evening is the craft group which I am taking pics of Logan to do as I still haven't scrapped them and I was asked to take an album for them to see, which is a bit nerve wracking.  I am hoping to take pics of the cupboard tomorrow, which is known as the cool room as it's bl**dy freezing most of the time so you may get a treat.  If you see a yeti in the background, don't worry – it's probably just popped in to use the toilet!  Take care x x x

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