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Update from the cupboard

on January 10, 2007

Which is what I am now teaching in, lol.  I kid you not, it is a large cupboard with a gents toilet stuck on the side of it, unfortunately it is stuck on the inside so the gents have to go through my cupboard to get to it.  I am completely shattered and have only worked 2 days!  In fairness I haven't been sleeping well, between nerves and the wind – the stuff that's on the outside of the window, I hasten to add, I have not had a good nights sleep for a few nights now.

I think that once I work out what I am supposed to be doing I will really enjoy my new job.  The scary bit is the amount of expertise my colleagues are assuming I have!  Honestly though, the role is so much more varied than I anticipated it to be but I am really looking forward to getting everything up and running and working my way (back to the control thing again!)

Monday was a lovely day as I just met with the children and we got to know each other.  The HT wasn't in so I just went with the flow and it was great.  The HT was back today and my feet haven't touched the ground.  It has been meetings almost all day and my head is spinning with all I have to do/read/remember.  The good news is that I will be working with another specialist from the Council's literacy base for some of the time, and she is someone I know and work well with, although I didn't know she was involved till today.  I can also use other contacts I have built up to help with identifying resources and plugging the most apparent gaps so I don't feel a complete fraud.

The other good thing was I have found a local craft club.  They meet on Mondays from 7-9 and are mostly cardmakers but are very welcoming and friendly.  I even met with the mum of a girl I was at uni with and lost contact with since, as she changed her degree part way through.  Hopefully we will be in touch again soon as she is also living in Livingston these days.  I got a LO mostly done but will hopefully finish it on Thursday. 

Apart from that life is quiet and almost back to normal – well what sneakily passes for normal around here.  We have a mouse again and despite my nagging Gordon to set a trap nothing has happened.  He claims it would make a good pet and until he sees it isn't sure we actually have one.  Men!  What can I say except it's lucky for him I simply dislike them and not hate them or he would be living on his own with the bl**dy thing!  If you have any failsafe ways of getting rid of them forever please let me know, Livingston has been overrun with them since the start of the summer, it must be all the building work in the area.  Take care x x

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