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Bugs and buggies

on January 6, 2007

Today, at least, we are officially bug free in this household.  It may not last but I felt it was important to say it out loud.  We have both had the flu type virus, twice each since the start of December, and a yucky tummy bug.  I am hoping that we can remain bug free for a week or so, mainly as I am back at work on Monday. 

The contract has now arrived, the disclosure has been done and I am getting nervous already.  In a way it's strange because I don't know if I will even teach on Monday or whether it will be organising timetables and resources.  I won't really know until the boss tells me what's what on Monday morning so I am trying hard not to worry about it.  I know that, no matter what gets thrown at me, I will cope with it fine, it's the not knowing I'm not so keen on.  Me, a control freak – no way! LOL.

As for buggies – well that's a tale and a half.  Michelle wanted a twin pram/buggy type thing as Katy is only 2 and tires easily when walking – or running as she usually does.  So I had ordered the one she wanted over the net to be delivered to her house.  Unfortunately the one she wanted was no longer made so she had to start again.  We went yesterday to a local shop where she thought she might one.  She felt the pram with the younger baby at the back of the older child was best as the prams with the 2 children side by side were not the most practical where she lives.

Luckily the shop we went to had one and it was ready assembled just to be paid for and away we went.  Now, as you know I recently bought a newer car and after many months of looking opted for a larger car so I could fit in buggies and child seats and all the other things needed when going anywhere with my grandchildren.  So off we toddled and got Katy and Logan into their child seats and worked out how to fold the pram down, picked it up and put it in the car – and it didn't fit!  I didn't know whether to cry, swear or laugh.  We took it out and tried it a different way but not a chance was it going to fit in the car. After several attempts I stripped the parcel shelf out and managed to squeeze the pram in – just. 

By this time Logan was crying and Katy was shouting to the world that the baby was crying, although I'm sure they could hear him, and away we drove.  We got to Michelle's where the plan was to get the children in the house and then tackle the buggy.  Well, that was the plan.  Katy decided she was going nowhere without the pram and Logan's car seat was firmly stuck in it's base and was not moving so …. we fought the buggy out, put it up, loaded the children in and walked the 20 yards to Michelle's flat where we lifted it up the stairs to the door – most uncermoniously because it is long and heavy and not made for lifting easily.  I even eventually managed to unlock the car seat from the base and get it in the house but I was knackered, lol. 

As someone who is hurtling at the speed of light towards 50 I feel I do well with technology but I don't do mobile phones or buggies and yesterday's escapades have done nothing to change my views on that.  The next time we decide to go somewhere I will take the car apart before we leave, not once we are in the car park providing the entertainment for 100 bored shoppers.

On that happy note I am away to play with paper, my photobox pics have finally arrived.  I think RM decided to keep them for a few extra days because they were so good – I WISH!  Anyway, take care x x x 

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