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On a roll!

on January 5, 2007

Apologies for the rotten pic – the colours of this are much better in real life.  I loved making this and spent ages playing till I got it just how I wanted it.  It's my version of a BOM prompt on UKS and relates some bits about me that are not commonly known, or often remembered.

I had hoped to get my photobox pics today as they were dispatched on the 1st but no show sadly.  I think Royal Mail are a bit snowed under, pity they don't spend the money they charge for postage on delivery staff rather than managers.

It has been a disappointing day all round as I was supposed to be going for lunch with some friends from uni but I have had a tummy bug and can't eat so I had to postpone it.  We only tend to see each other in the holidays as we are all teachers and usually really busy but we will just have to find a free weekend and rearrange it.

On the bright side I was in Lidl this morning buying storage for my craft room as it was fast become a tip, which I can't cope with.  I am not naturally tidy but I don't cope well with mess and chaos so life is a constant battle to overcome the trail of c**p that I leave in my wake.  I now have a tidy room, so no more scrapping today lol, and I also have tidy cupboards and a tidy car.  I am knackered but it is worth it.  I now have all the things I need where I need them, I just need to remember to put them away when I'm finished using them rather than shove them in the first drawer with space and then waste 2 days looking for them, lol.

One thing I did find when I was tidying the cupboard where I dumped all my boxes from school at the end of term – was a very successful carrier bag breeding programme!  You know what I mean – you put 2 bags inside another bag and then put them away BUT when you go back to get them there are ten bags in there and no one owns up to putting them in.  I think we will have to take bags with us everywhere for the next 6 months in order to reduce the mountain of them that has accumulated recently.

In between tidying I was blog hopping, as is my want. It is a great distractor from life's less pleasant jobs.  On these blogs – none of whom belong to people I know – I saw 2 posts worth commenting on here.  One was by someone who had been turned down for a design team and had decided that she scrapped for her own pleasure so it was no great loss but something she wanted to try.  Another was someone who had entered a competition and although she had done really well, she had not won.  She was less than philosophical about this and wrote about unfair judging and other people's opinions of the entries that where not of a certain standard.  This make me so mad!  I have friends who are on several design teams and are well deserving of their places, I am on the Lippy Chick DT but I entered more by default than intent as they were looking for images for the gallery, much like Banana Frog do. I was shocked when I got the email about being a DT member, more so when I discovered that Roz was Miss Lippy Chick.  I wouldn't have entered intentionally as I don't think my work is good enough and I would stress too much about managing to produce something acceptable within the time given.  There have been many DT calls this past 6 months and it has brought out the worst in people.  For any competition/DT call there will be those who are successful (winners) and those who are not (runners up) BUT the rules are the same for everyone and if you don't win it's tough but not the end of the world or down to bad judging or anything else.  The simple thing is your work is not what they were looking for.  It's the same with magazines, often the same people get chosen, but that doesn't mean everyone else's work is rubbish.  I only submitted a LO once and was lucky enough to be published but it took so long for it to come back I never submitted again.  I scrap for me and if others don't like what I do – tough.

Sorry, rant over.  It is something that I feel strongly about, as you can tell.  I am now away to knit a teeny wee blue hat for Logan while watching rubbish on the tv – and not just so I don't make my craft room untidy!  Take care xx

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