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In sickness and in health

on December 31, 2006

I can hardly believe that it's less than a week since Christmas and only one day since Logan was born.  Each day seems so packed full at the moment that I feel as though it's lasting for two – something that rarely happens when I'm having a great time, unfortunately.  Mum is fine but Logan has had a few problems as he is very cold and not feeding.  Despite the hospitals best efforts he

spent the night in an incubator being tube fed although this morning he was hugely improved and much more awake than he has been.

Big sister Katy met him briefly yesterday and although she was excited about there being a baby I'm not sure how she will be when they are all home and the baby stays, lol.  She has now caught the viral infection the rest of us have and is pretty ill herself so I am taking her home to her own house tonight and hopefully mum and Logan will be able to come home tomorrow.  Gordon is pretty ill with it too but I have so far managed to remain functioning, which is just as well under the circumstances.  I just need to get Michelle and Logan home safe and then I can be ill. 

I am so pleased that he arrived while I was on holiday as I couldn't have done all the running about required if I was at work, which would just have made everything so much more stressful.  What I am really looking forward to though is having a chance to play and scrap and just stay in my jammies all day and eat rubbish, like most people do at Christmas.  Take care x x x      

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