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Hurry up and wait!

on December 28, 2006

Well Christmas has come and gone and not without a few unexpected events – as is par for the course at this time of year, I think.  Christmas day was lovely, a very relaxed day with Gordon cooking and me doing not a lot, just the way I like it, lol.  I got some fab presents including a thing called a gorilla pod which is a neat tripod type thing for my camera.  It's great for close up pics and things that are in awkward places, such as pictures of the Christmas tree. 

My Christmas tree is adorned with all that is colourful and child like and holds many memories of events in our lives.  The crocheted bell in the picture was bought the year my daughter was born, the glass snowman for my first Christmas living with Gordon.  We even have a ceramic Snoopy in a Santa suit and a Woodstock in a Santa hat, for those of you who remember Charlie Brown and Peanuts.

Boxing Day started at 6.30 am with me making fresh mince pies and cheese and bean pies for my youngest son, Sean.  Sean is very sensitive to the texture of foods and cannot eat certain things as a result.  This is an aspect of Aspergers that has caused many problems over the years.  His favourite food has always been Heinz beans and so for Christmas he always has cheese and bean pies.  Once I had collected both my sons and Beth, my oldest son's daughter off to my daughter's we went.  Sean wasn't feeling very well all day and I thought he had a chest infection so I contacted NHS 24 who checked him over at the local hospital.  Luckily it is only a viral infection, although a pretty horrible one causing him to hallucinate with fever at times.  I eventually managed to get him home armed with as much pain relief and liquid as I could fit in the car and got home myself about 10.30 pm, a tad tired.  The rest of the day had been great and both grandaughters has a ball with their many gifts.  My daughter Michelle hadn't felt great all day but put it down to being in the last few weeks of pregnancy. 

I awoke yesterday to a text from my daughter to say she was in the early stages of labour.  I rushed over as she had kept Beth at her house the previous night and I didn't want them to be upset at seeing her in any pain. By tea time the contractions were every five minutes and quite strong and then suddenly – nothing!  They just stopped.  By this time my daughter and I were both going stir crazy as we had tidied and sorted and cleaned till there was nothing left to do.  Eventually I came home, having dropped both girls off with Beth's mum, who was looking after Katy while her mum was in hospital with baby number 2.

2.30 am this morning and Gordon and I were both awake taking it in turns to cough and splutter as we now both have Sean's virus!  Michelle is still having irregular contractions and has been told by the hospital to just wait and see and the furthest I have ventured is the chemist for various pills and potions to try and relieve the awfullness I feel.  My absolute dread is that the baby finally decides to arrive and we get to the hospital for them to tell me I can't be with Michelle as I am too ill! 

I have to say one thing though, with my family, life is never dull and boring!  I will keep you posted re the baby but am now away to hide under a duvet with as many drugs as I can take at one time, lol.  Take care x x x   

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