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Almost ready

on December 24, 2006

Yesterday I still had food to buy, some presents to buy and others to wrap, a tree to put up and a house like  bomb site!  Today I am almost there.  The food is bought, the presents are wrapped, the tree is up and decorated and I am exhausted, lol!  I thought I was all caught up then I remembered I still had a Lippy Chick book to finish for my youngest son, so that will be tomorrow's task along with delivering presents and all the last minute house stuff I like to get done before Christmas day. 

I feel very different today compared to how I have been feeling recently, although yesterday was a very emotional day not helped by that fact I had very little sleep as the staff night out was the night before. I received so many gifts from the children throughout the school, not just the ones in the class I have had since August.  I also got a few cards and gifts from parents which was especially rewarding.  The announcement that I was leaving was made on Wednesday at the end of term assembly in the local community centre and was greeted with dismay by many parents, although they all wished me well.  It feels strange to be leaving as I wasn't unhappy in the school, in fact I will miss lots of things about it, but the chance of working fewer days is too good to pass up.

The morning ended with a presentation in front of the whole school.  It started with 5 boxes on a table at the front and various teachers were asked questions, to which they all gave wrong answers.  For each wrong answer they got a picture of either bits of a car or a wrecked car.  Finally I was asked which box I would like to choose and as there was only one left that was the number I gave. 

As I got the answer correct I got to open it and it was a red remote control car!  I was also presented with the attached ode and the wanted poster, which looks considerably better in real life, lol.  The whole school was then told the story of my bashed car and how it happened, much to their delight.   I was also presented with flowers and some absolutely gorgeous jewellry, which I will wear on my first day in my new school.  The daft thing is I never put the clues together so had no idea it was a send up or even aimed at me.  Just goes to show how stressed I have been recently trying to leave everything prepared for the new teacher.

My house looks as though someone else has moved in because of all the stuff I had at school which has now been brought back, including two drawer units!  Luckily my daughter needs storage so she will be taking delivery of them tomorrow and I will be able to get in and out of the hall.  I have made an attempt at tidying the craft room but things have been so hectic recently I actually have stash that is unopened!  Three envelopes of it in fact.  It is now sitting in a plastic tub awaiting me, but I am scared to open it before I have time to actually use it!   Maybe on Christmas day?  Gordon is cooking and the kids are all going to be with their friends so I will have some time to play.  Boxing day I am cooking a Christmas dinner at my daughters for my children and grandchildren but I have bought my daughter a 'how to cook Christmas dinner' dvd so she can do it next year, lol. 

The scary thing is it is only three weeks till her second baby is due. I am almost wishing it would make an appearance while I am off so I can help her out but, knowing the luck I have, it will be when I am starting my new job and can't get time off to help her.  I told her that if she goes into labour between Monday morning and Wednesday evening she has to cross her legs and hold on!  It would just be easier all round if the baby came when I was at home to help with Katy, but babies don't really do easy or convenient so I wait with baited breath!  Anyway I am away as my youngest is staying with us for a few days and is desperate to get on the computer.  Take care and have a fantastic Christmas x x x 


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