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Blog addiction

on December 21, 2006

When blogs first started to pop up I failed to see the attraction and although I read the occasional one out of nosiness it wasn't a regular thing.  Gradually though I found myself becoming hooked, especially on blogs written by people I was friendly with.  Then I started to read some of the blogs of some scrapping 'names', mainly for inpsiration.  I never thought about writing my own blog until a discussion at one of Angela's crops when I was persuaded by some friends to give it a go.  I mulled it over for a while and then took the plunge, but it took me a wee while to find a blog site I was happy with and that wasn't too complicated. 

Since then I have a collection of blogs that I visit regularly, some I comment on, others I just read.  I would say it's probably safe to say that I am now a blog addict as I can happily while away several hours reading other people's blogs.  It was on one such morning that I found the link to this picture, which kind of says it all really.

I have no idea where I found it but it was a link to a site that forecasts your headstone/obituary and many other things.   If anyone out there reading this has the link, I would be delighted to find it again.

I also recently discovered that UKS has a thread for listing blogs.  I haven't put mine there as yet, as I really don't think it is that interesting to others, but I may be wrong, lol.  What I do know is that some blogs I link into fascinate me right from the start and others put me right off after the first two lines.  I am sure there are folk who read this and think – 'what a lot of tosh' for want of a better expression but that is the way of the world.  It is also nice when folk leave you comments, and I do for some blogs, but it feels weird leaving a comment on the blog of someone you don't know at all, but I suppose if I am reading their blog because I admire their work then I really should.  Perhaps that will turn into a resolution for 2007, I may even keep it up.

Anyway for the moment I am away to wrap what seems like a mountain of presents, and hopefully get one thing ticked off a seemingly never ending list of jobs to be done.  Take care x x

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