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On a cold and frosty evening

on December 19, 2006

It is freezing here, literally.  I just tried to put the rubbish out but the bin is frozen solid!  I may have to leave super early in the morning to get to work, not a thought I relish.  I am trying to leave everything super organised for the new teacher and the class I am leaving behind, but the stress is really getting to me and I am a tad tetchy – in other words – a right crabbit cow!!  I make no apologies for this to anyone and so far no one has been daft enough to say anything to me, lol.  They are probably way too scared I will blow completely.

I have just written the cards for the class and wrapped all their presents.  I went a bit mad this year because I am leaving and bought them all a book and a pencil and a rubber.  Before you fall off your seat in shock the books were only £1 each but it still came to about £30 without the cost of wrapping it all. We are lucky enough to have a Scholastic outlet nearby and I managed to get the books there in one of their fabby sales.   All I have to do now is remember to take them into school for Thursday.  One wee boy is off skiing for Christmas so won't be in on Friday and I don't want him to miss out so all cards, gifts, decorations etc will go home on Thursday.

I know the frost is a pain, especially when you can't walk easily in it but it is better than the constant rain, at least the children aren't cooped up in a class all day.  I have heard so many parents moaning recently about how high/unsettled/excited their children are and how their behaviour has gone downhill – duh!   Try teaching them at this time of year, anything that doesn't involve men in red suits or glitter and glue is a waste of time.  Still on Friday I am free for 2 whole weeks – I can't wait. 

As promised I managed to get some scrapping done at the weekend.  I have a whole half of a LO done, just waiting for me to find that magical half hour of free time to finish it.  Hopefully that will be before we reach 2007, but there's no guarantee, lol.  The good news is I have managed to track down a craft group that meets weekly about 5 minutes away from here.  They are mainly cardmakers as yet but there are a few novice scrappers in there. Their next meeting is in January so I will be going armed with some stuff and see how I get on.  The girl that runs it has an online shop and an order I placed yesterday was hand delivered today.  It is nice to have somewhere local and I promise I will add her details to my blog links soon. 

For the moment though I am away for a cuppa and a browse through a card making mag I bought from her, take care xx

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