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Christmas Traditions

on December 13, 2006

Christmas is a time of traditions and nowhere is this clearer than in schools.  Although teaching at this time of year can be hard work, it is also a time of magic and wonder.  How

better to spend your days than with children who believe in the true magic of Christmas – even if they no longer believe in Santa. 

Tonight I watched a nativity play called 'It's a Party!' followed by several Christmas carols sung by children and it was truly magical.  I had been invited to the evening's performance at my new school and thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was strange watching children that I have no connection to as yet. 

It was full of all the usual things, such as the donkey with his mask on back to front and upside down, Mary racing Joseph round the stage, angels with wonky haloes and on it goes.  However it is these traditions that make it special for the children and the audiences all over that watch with laughter and tears and so much love.

For years my Christmas traditions stayed the same just because they were traditional and I didn't enjoy most of them but it was what was done.  These days though things are very different, partly through choice and partly through circumstance.  For instance one of my favourite traditions is going to Glasgow to see the lights in George Square.  I can remember this from when I was very young and my grandad took me and to this day Gordon and I go every year, and I often go twice, using my grandchildren as an excuse, lol.


One thing that is new this year, and I'm not sure if it will become a tradition, is card making.  I have made many Christmas cards before but usually they were cross stitched with love and care.  This year I decided to go with paper ones and I'm not sure if I like them.   

Some, like the sizzix lady, I do like but others I'm not so sure about. However, I have had fun making them and, although they are not all quite finished, I will persevere this year.  Perhaps next year I will look back with fondness on my hand made cards and decide I did like them after all.  Isn't that how traditions get started?  Take care xxx

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