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Tis’ the season ….

on December 6, 2006

… to go shopping!  I had forgotten how exhausting shopping is until today.  I am not long home after a marathon shop at Glasgow Fort but have most things bought for both Katy's birthday on Thursday and Christmas, thank goodness.  Just a few bits and bobs to get now and then the marathon of present wrapping.  It's been a hectic few days and no sign of it

calming down ahead either!

The Singing Kettle was good fun and both girls thoroughly enjoyed it, although somehow Katy managed to sleep through half of it!  I think the adults who were there enjoyed it more than the kids though, lol.  The weather was less than kind and we got thoroughly soaked on the way back to the car, despite the santa hats.  Here are my two delights back home and dripping wet.

Tomorrow I am meeting the teacher who will be replacing me in my current post, which should be interesting, and I am hoping to visit my new school next week to get a feel for what's what before I start.

I would love to be able to post pics of my fantastic craft creations but I haven't had time to look at my stuff since the weekend, more's the pity.  Hopefully Sunday will be a crafting day.  In the meantime I am going to try and finish all my Christmas shopping and make a start on the wrapping.  Gone are the days of sitting till the wee small hours of Christmas day wrapping presents because it was the only chance I got and, although I wouldn't wish for my children to be young again, I sometimes miss that magic that Christmas had when they were just wee, but please don't anyone tell them I said that, lol.  Take care, xxxx 

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