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Thank you, thank you, thank you

on December 3, 2006

What a great day today has been.  My first thank you goes to Roz who very kindly held a crop at her house today.  Not only is she a very talented scrapper but she is also a very talented soup maker, I had the curry and almond soup and it was fab! So thank you to Roz for making today possible.

My next huge thank you goes to Jenni who very kindly  put my advent   

calendar together for me today, while we were at  Roz's.  Jenni had forgotten to take her own with her and I jokingly suggested she do mine as I wasn't likely to get it made this year, and she very kindly agreed. I will be taking it with me when I go to visit my grandaughters tomorrow and I'm sure they will be as delighted with it as I am.  Thanks again Jenni, a true friend.

While I was at Roz's I met Heather's children and what polite, well behaved children they are, a credit to their mum.  Heather came to take pictures of the Lippy Chick books for various promotional bits and for the gallery.  I love these books soooo much, in fact the only things I took with me to Roz's were these books as I am making them for gifts for my children.  Angela has both of these styles in stock and sells them as kits with some great papers too, well worth a look. 

My third thank you would have to be to providence or whatever it is that controls good luck.  Some of you may remember my drama a while back where I cancelled some of my standing orders, including those I shouldn't have.  The upshot was I cancelled my paypal account and had to restart it, in the meantime I lost out on a chance of a subscription to the Scrapologie kit.

I had already been on the waiting list for this kit for several months and was mighty annoyed at myself when I thought I'd lost out on it.  However I hadn't and my kits arrived today and they are fab!  I say kits as it was two months worth, due to the previous mix up, but they are fantastic and very unusual.  As well as some very lush papers there are a stack of embellishments which all fit together including some very unusual Theresa Collins newsprint flowers.

  I think the bit I like best about this kit is the fact that it's not all from the same range of things but everything fits together so very well.  The second kit  contained BG Gypsy papers and a host of embellishments including some absolutely fantastic buttons.  Now my challenge is to use all of these wonderful things and not simply add them to my ever growing piles of stash which patiently await me finding the time to use them, lol. 

So now it is time for me to head for bed, as tomorrow I have another busy day ahead.  The Singing Kettle awaits me and my two, very excited grandaughters complete with santa hats and singing voices.  As anyone who has ever heard me sing will know, it's not to be reccommended, lol.  Take care xxx 

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