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on December 2, 2006

As those who know me well is not something I have in abundance, lol.  However something has been happening these past few months that reminds me patience is a good thing to have.  ScanLuckily it's not something I have ever expected but is somehow all the nicer as a result.  This thing is a giro cheque for child maintenance. 

I can hear a few 'huh's echoing through the land at this as my youngest son is now 20, an age which, although still very young, is way over that at which child maintenance is expected, considering that he is not in full time education. 

The even stranger thing is that this little bonus arrives about once a month and is a wee present from my ex husband, via the Child Support agency.  I have been divorced for about 18 years now and up till meeting Gordon about 4 years ago I was on my own with my three children and, apart from the first month we were separated, I have received not one penny of child maintenance. About once a year though I would receive a statement from the CSA to say that I was entitled to a certain amount and when they received it from my ex they would send it to me.  As he is now on wife number 3 and has at least 4 other children out there, I wasn't holding out any hope.  (I fair know how to pick them, lol!)  Then one day, about August this year, I got an envelope in the post with a giro cheque for £8.64.  There was no compliment slip or letter to say what it was so I put it in the back of my purse and forgot about it.  A fortnight later I got another giro for £17.28 and a few days later a letter from the CSA with the annual statement and that's when I realised what it was for!  This one came yesterday and is number 4 making a total of £95.04 maintenance received in total.  So guess who is living the high life at long last, lol!!!!!!

Anyway – the shock of this adds to the shock of it being December already!  I am just so disorganised this year, not sure what happened but I don't like it.  When my kids were young Santa came to the door wearing red and white, these days he wears dayglo yellow (hi viz vests) because unless I can get it online I probably won't be able to get it!  Livingston is a nightmare at the moment with two of the main car parks being closed and one of the main routes through the shopping end of town dug up and covered in cones.  The whole area is being extended and revamped but unless you can go early in the morning it ain't worth the hassle of going. 

Still I have a crop at Roz's tomorrow to look forward to and then on Sunday it's the Singing Kettle Christmas show in Edinburgh with my daughter and grandaughters, which will be fun.  On that happy note, I am away to get stuff looked out for tomorrow and then maybe even make some of the Christmas cards I have bought so much stash for ….. take care xxx

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