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Cold and grumpy

on November 27, 2006

This will be a very short post as I am full of the cold and very grumpy.  I have struggled into work all week with the worst cold I have ever had, mainly because of the Christmas Fayre and wanting the kids to get their stuff finished.  Saturday came and I was in the middle of stuff when I had to leave so was already harrassed, then managed to scrape my car along the school gate which has caused a fair amount of damage.  Inside the parents spent a fortune on raffle tickets and ignored much of what the kids made, which was unfair.  The whole thing was organised, set up, manned and dismantled by staff with no help or thanks from the parents, which is a bit of a cheek really, I think.

I have been looking forward to the cc on UKS for a while now but have only done 2 classes because nothing else really inspired me.  Added to that was a message from one of the moderators because someone had complained about me having the Lippy Chick logo in my signature and she thought she had already contacted me about it so it wasn't the friendliest message.  In the middle of all this my robo went bananas and was cutting everything into confetti.  It seems to have stopped it's paddy now, at least when cutting paper, so fingers crossed. So I feel I have the right to be grumpy.  However I am now away to be grumpy with a book so I don't infect anyone else either with the cold or the grumpiness.

Hopefully normal service will resume shortly!  Take care xxx


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